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Media tab showing incorrect media.

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Guest deleted106683013
My pictures can no longer be displayed in my profile since the new profile view was added to the website.
An error message always appears.
It says that I have 0 photos, but that's not true.I have many Photos online.
How is the error fixed?


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I've tried the search function on this issue and didn't return any results I'm after.  If this has been discussed already, well my apologies.   🤷‍♀️

I'm trying to upload a few images to my "About Me" section in "My Profile" and the image links to either Flickr or Imgur are always coming back broken.  Apparently, the little box where we put information in doesn't support BBCode either because I've tried that several times. 

So, am I missing something here or am I doing something wrong?  The images I'm uploading are all safe SFW content.  I've seen other members having pictures being successfully shown on their profile, but I can't seem to get mine to work right so I'm assuming this isn't an issue with the site due to the recent heavy traffic with Fallout.  So, please help me out here.  Thank you. 💕

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There may be some quirky behaviour as the devs are currently reindexing these files.

If it's more than a blip we will add an update to the status.nexusmods.com page to keep you informed.

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