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Media tab showing incorrect media.

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Title, basically the new profile doesn't account for all images posted

For example in my profile the latest image I posted, which was 2 days ago, isn't there. It used to be there before the new profile. Just wondering because I like to follow what a few users are posting and if images they post don't appear then I might miss some images.

Is it slow updating? I gave it 2 days it's plenty of time

Just wondering and wanted to report this.


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Guest deleted106683013

In my Profile/Media my pictures are not displayed

Everytime Error 


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Guest deleted106683013
My pictures can no longer be displayed in my profile since the new profile view was added to the website.
An error message always appears.
It says that I have 0 photos, but that's not true.
How is the error fixed?
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On 4/24/2024 at 3:51 PM, Iluviel said:

This is a bug on our end, sorry about that.

We're working on a fix now.

We're still working on this. I've merged several reports of the same issue here and moved this thread into the area visible to everyone. 

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Any idea when this issue will be solved?

I know it has been reported several times. But I cannot figure out how to add my own experience so.......

My media tab show "0". It will show my uploaded videos and supporter images. But when trying to see my SFW images it simply says - as with others- "something has gone wrong". I can upload content. And people can see it on the - in my case- New Vegas site. But they cannot see my newly uploaded content by searching my profile.

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