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Vortex (1.11.3) stuck in "Reading PAK files"

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Hey, I just update Vortex and when I try to install a mod for BG3 this msg shows up and if I try to launch the game no mods are detected, what changes were made? can I go back?





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Well, I try the solutions in the post suggested, but it didn't work, so I went to find a solution by myself, and I found it:

WARNING ⚠: this it's a hard and aggressive way to fix this bug in this Vortex version (yes, it's a bug and the support didn't see yet)

1. Check the Load order option and if you see this error (obviously with your paths) this it's the way that I did to solve:


                In this version seems that folder for stagging mods with spaces ('D:\Vortex Mods' in this case) are unsupported, so check if you have the same issue

2. Identify your mod stagging folder (settings/ mods/ mod stagging folder) and close Vortex

3. Delete all the content in the MODS folder of BG3 ( AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur's Gate 3\Mods) CAREFULLY: not your mod stagging folder, your mods folder.

4. Rename your mod stagging folder without spaces (underscore to substitutes seems to work well 'Vortex_Mods' for this case)

5. Open Vortex and accept the warnings (This going to reset all your mod list!!!)

6. Change your mod stagging folder to that you renamed before (settings/ mods/ mod stagging folder)

7. Install mod by mod, here you'll face two possible issues:

       7.1 If a 'redundant mod' warning shows, uninstall completely that mod and download and install it again.

       7.2 If for some reason the mod doesn't seems to be active, wait a couple of minutes to let Vortex to process all the background changes, if doesn't work do the same as the previous step.

8. Purge mods

9. Deploy mods

10. Close and open Vortex

11. Launch Game (the first time will be taking a little more time of usually)

12. Done


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Hi, do you realize the date of that post? It was posted yesterday.

I had all my mods in this folder for about 3 or 4 years and the problem showed up with the recent update.

Yes, the simple workaround is to change the name of the stagging folder, but I described all the other necessary stuffs.


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