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How to export mods from Creation Kit to upload on Nexus Mods

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The Creation Kit directs users to publish their mods on Bethesda.net as the priority, but it is possible to export your mod files to publish on Nexus Mods too.

Get the Creation Kit from Steam here.

Create a new folder somewhere on your PC to store the exported files.


Export your plugin file as a master

With your plugin loaded in the Creation Kit open the "File" menu and select "Convert Active File to". 


Select the appropriate master type for your project. You should never change this once your mod has been published!

This will create a new ESM file in the Data folder with the same name as your ESP file. Copy the ESM file into your new folder.




Export your assets as a BA2 (recommended)

It's highly recommended that you export your mod assets as a BA2 file. This not only simplifies the installation process for users but will also ensure that your assets are associated with your plugin file and loaded relative to the game load order.


From the "File" menu, select "Create Archive". At the top of the export window, make sure the platform is set to "Windows". 


This window may pre-populate with assets the Creation Kit thinks are relevant to your file, but it won't always be correct. Make sure you remove any files that are part of the base game and unmodified by your mod. 

You can add files to this view with the "Add..." button or drag and drop folders/files from the data folder into this view. Once this is done, hit "Pack files". This will prompt the Creation Kit to build BA2 archives for your mod. 


Ensure you collect any BA2 files with the prefix of your plugin name and put them into the new folder with your plugin.


That's it! Now just zip up the ESM and BA2 files and upload it to your mod page. 


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