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Game crashes at launch


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6 hours ago, greyday01 said:

Have you checked in LOOT for missing masters?

LOOT says everything is ok. I'm not sure what the problem is...I might just have to do a clean reset on skyrim and reinstall every mod tbh

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Make sure you've launched skyrim.exe at least once so the game can configure itself. After that, try launching SKSE. If the game still crashes you'll probably need to do a binary search of your modlist.


"yeah my mods are updated and such. Crash Log Decoder or Crash Log analyzer couldn't tell me the problem"

I don't mean the most up-to-date version of a mod, but the correct version that coincides with your Skyrim install. Plenty of mods have separate versions for AE and SE, specifically SKSE-based mods. Also, newer mods may use file format version 1.71, which will only work with game version 1.6.1130+. Using these files on an older version will cause a crash and require Backported Extended ESL Support to function.

Hope it helps!

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