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Blade of Loss


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You posted in the wrong forum.


There is at least one mod named Myths and Legends Weapons 2 for Oblivion with someone reporting finding the Blade of Loss in the comments section: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/5902


Edit 2: But if the 'wrong forum' means that the comments section of the mod in question might have been a better place to ask, then maybe that would indeed make sense. I need to get some coffee, the brain stops working... :huh: Also, there might be some sort of a spoiler document somewhere with the item locations, if the mod is intended to be a puzzle. Other than that, opening the mod with TES4Edit might help locate the item somewhat fast (although that will obviously not be too much of a puzzle anymore).

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I found it, give me a second and post where you can find the blade of loss

Does anybody have a complete list of all the myths weapons/gear? I heard there are 14 total weapons for this mod

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