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Here are the Unicorn's and Shadowmere's stats:




Health - 350

Magicka - 50

Fatigue - 240

Combat Skill - 70

Magic Skill - 50

Stealth Skill - 70

Attack Damage - 45

Speed - 29

Level - 15




Health - 500

Magicka - 50

Fatigue - 50

Combat Skill - 50

Magic Skill - 0

Stealth Skill - 50

Attack Damage - 20

Speed - 33

Level - 10

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I've heard some grumblings that you can't own more than one horse at a time, that when you buy a new one it replaces the old one.


What I've found is that the new horse does show up at the stable, but any and all of your previous horses will eventually make their way back to the stables you originally acquired them from. For instance, you buy a chestnut horse while already owning a black, the black horse will find itself back at the Cheydinhal stables, ready and waiting for you to show up and ride it again.

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yeah. Thats what happened to me, when I got shadowmere, my Cheydinhal Black Horse returned to its stable. After trying a test swim with my shadowmere, it died a horrible death (kill command) Shadowmere literally sunk to the bottom of the ocean. I had to swim across the whole sea alone.
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Silly and late question, but since the thread is pinned I'm not bumping it.




Bought a horse in Cheydinhall, my white horse walked off slowly. I assume he's heading home to Anvil.


Will he survive the trip?


If I leave my new horse somewhere, walk to Anvil, get on my white horse, will the black one immeadiately take off from where he is, go back to Cheydinhall?


Shoot-- forgot to ask:


What about the realitive speed? What speed do I have to have to outrun the black horse?

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You can use setactorfullname "New Name". This changes the name of every npc/creature with that same base ID, but I checked the construction set and it looks like player owned horses have their own unique base ID. So giving your paint horse a name won't change the name of all the others.
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