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Note that I have only included the horses that can be obtained without stealing. There are other (unique) horses that are considered owned and taking them will count as stealing.

Free Horses

Armored Old Nag


Speed- 23

Attack Damage- 5

Free armored horse given to you by Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut Handy Stables near the Imperial City. Only available with the Horse Armor Pack Add-on.

Prior Maribel’s Paint Horse

Health- 300

(Armored- 600)

Speed- 23

Attack Damage- 10

Free horse given to you by Prior Maribel if you ask him for help during the quest Deliver the Amulet.

Chestnut Weynon Priory Horse


Speed- 23

Attack Damage- 10

Technically, it is Jauffre’s horse, but if you join the blades you can use it with no repercussions. It is found at Cloud Ruler Temple.



Horses For Sale


Paint Horse

Health-300 (Armored- 600)

Speed- 23

Attack Damage- 10

500 gold

Cat-Face at Five Riders Stables in Leyawiin


Petrine at Wildeye Stables in Bruma

Bay Horse

Health-250 (Armored- 500)

Speed- 26

Attack Damage- 10

1000 gold

Isabeau Bienne at Bay Roan Stables in Bravil or

Ugak gra-Mogakh at Grateful Pass Stables in Skingrad

Chestnut Horse

Health-200 (Armored- 400)

Speed- 29

Attack Damage- 10

2500 gold

Bongond at North Country Stables in Chorrol

White Horse

Health-400 (Armored- 750)

Speed- 29

Attack Damage- 12

4000 gold

Clesa at Horse Whisperer Stables in Anvil

Black Horse

Health-325 (Armored- 650)

Speed- 33

Attack Damage- 15

5000 gold

Tovas Selvani at Black Waterside Stables in Cheydinhal

Unique Horses



(Armored- 750)

Speed- 33

Attack Damage- 20

Given as a reward for completing the Dark Brotherhood Quest ‘The Purification.’ Located outside Fort Farragut.

Is Essential (Cannot die)


Health- 300

Speed- 29

Attack Damage- 45

Found in Harcane Grove protected by three minotaurs. Plays a role in Hiricine's Daedric Quest, where you must decide whether or not to kill it. You can obtain it at any time, however, even before completing the quest.

Reflect Damage 20%

Resist Disease 100%

Resist Magic 50%

Resist Normal Weapons 100%

Resist Paralysis 100%

Resist Poison 100%

*Be warned that its aggression is quite high, so you will have a hard time getting it to stop attacking creatures/you if you raise your weapon. Recommend setting aggression to a lower level (see ‘console’ section below).





HORSE MODS (As of 12/27/13- Feel free to leave suggestions)

Command Mounts and Horses by Ryuujin http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/27957/?

Call Mount by mordredp http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/32926/?

Call Mount - Stable Master by mordredp http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33064/?


Name Your Horse*

setfullactorname <horsename>

If you want your horse's name to be more than one word, enclose the name in quotes (see above).

Make Horse Essential

setessential <horsebaseID> 1

To find a listing of horse baseIDs go here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Horses

Horse Stats*- If you want to modify your horse’s stats, use: setav <value> <amount> where <value> is one of the parameters listed below and <amount> is the amount you want the parameter to be (ex: setav health 1000 would set your horse’s health to 1000).

Faster & Better


Determines how fast it can run


Determines the amount of damage it can take before dying




Determines spell absorption, which negates the effect of the spell and uses its power to refill your magicka. Be warned that it also works for beneficial spells, like healing.


Determines spell reflection, which deflects an incoming spell back towards its caster.


Determines damage reflection, which deflects normal physical attacks back towards its attacker (excludes ranged and enchanted weapons).

Survivability- for the water


Determines how fast it can swim


Determines whether it can breathe underwater or not


Determines whether it can walk on water or not



Determines the amount of damage it will take from fire attacks.


Determines the amount of damage it will take from frost attacks.


the rate at which it can catch diseases.


Determines the amount of damage it will take from magical attacks.


Determines the amount of damage it will take from non-enchanted weapons.


the rate at which it can resist paralyze effects


Determines the amount of damage it will take from poison.


Determines the amount of damage it will take from electric attacks.



Determines who it will attack in battle (ex: 0 will never attack no matter what while 100 will attack everything it sees).


Determines whether it will fight or flee in battle


Determines whether it will report you to the guards if it sees you commit a crime

​*In order for these commands to work, you must click on the horse you want to modify while in the console before you enter the commands.

Note: Everything in triangular brackets <> should be replaced with appropriate information. Ex: If I wanted to name my horse ‘Yay For Horses’, I would click on my horse in the console and type: setfullactorname "Yay For Horses"

Disclaimers: Used the UESP wiki for most of this info. Also, for the sake of thoroughness, I repeated information that was previously stated in above postings. None of this stuff is mine, I’m just bundling it together and posting it on here.

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