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Optimising Oblivion


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no necro but my two cents for the mod manager use and for players new to oblivion in 2023. i still love to play this game from time to time.


i applied an older version of obmm (2014) - looked nice but worked very bad and unreliable while trying and testing mods because it was unable to remember all the files of the installed mod and the mods files overwrote each other - a no go for stability and reliability in any modded game.


i tried tannins mo1 and you now what - i still use mo for oblivion since 2015 without any problems or glitches. mod testing, deleting and installing works perfectly reliable because mods are physically separated from the game and from each other. no confusion with file deletion and crippled mods due to missing or overwritten files after a mod deletion or any changes.


this was the main and strong argument against obmm and pro mo and i'm still happy with it. i've never had to reinstall the core game since 2015 using mo. using obmm before missing files and reinstallling the whole game was a standard procedure to regain stability.

in the meantime my old oblivion mo setup works stable with 4k and enboost to ovrecome the 32bit ram limitation without ctd.

If you like mods and crisp big texures you need to install the special enboost 0.259 version for oblivion to enhance the 32 bit ram use on a 64bit rig.


maybe vortex and mo2 are the modmanager you can try in 2023.

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