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Four 7.1[11][153]


It was Bruma, but not Bruma and it was called Cruna! Yes, there were stone block buildings, numerous stone statues, Imperials and Nords but there were also lesser daedra who acted like normal citizens. Scamps would dart past as couriers with their leather satchels. Big lumbering elemental daedra would pull great two wheeled carts. Odd heaps of glowing, red, stones helped to keep the city warm as it was deep winter but perhaps it was always like that. Everybody seemed to treat each other with some care at least.


Then there were the starving, ragged, filthy Grand Aldmer who were whipped, spat upon and forced to carry the hot red stones in their hands.


Mahargiata shook his head in wonder. "You Grand Aldmer came to suffer for your hubris but I 'sense' the more subtle evil presence of something else that could explain better what has really taken place."


The Eternal One was frowning, as Sherlock Holmes. Two Grand Aldmer vanished, with soft shimmering effects. Then another followed, and yet two more. He spoke. "That 'something' you 'sense' is getting angry for it has been feeding on the suffering of the foolish Grand Aldmer that it led into a trap. That is what this has partly been about, that is the setting up a timespace realm that this thing could hide in and consume its victims in its own way. This thing is sociopathic selfishness embodied into a smooth unthinking action-reaction. That is it is evil embodied. Once it had to exist but then the need for it was gone; but it found a way to continue its existence. It is the Ever Fallen, the Self Devourer, the Worm that Twists, the Eternal Devourer. It is time to put its ultimate False Eternal nature to rest."


Statues began to 'come to life', stirring and rising to begin to attack the group. Uncaringly they smashed aside any lifeforms that got in their way as the rushed, with deadly speed and strength, at the newcomers. The Eternal One frowned softly and the statues crumbled away even as they reached the group.


The statues stopped attacking and locals, taking up their injured except for the Grand Aldmer, fled away. The Eternal One frowned some more. "We will rescue all of the Grand Aldmer from this place and then return to that other realm to do the same there. Then I must leave you. There is always a limit to how much I can intervene and how I can intervene. At critical moments I will return."


So they followed that plan and saved the Grand Aldmer, even from the upside down ocean sky. As they did this the realms weakened and the hidden threat became angrier.


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I am finishing off this story topic to better focus on the other topics. I think that my story in 'It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time' is simpler, easier to follow, than cluttered, than this one has turned out to be. In the longer term many characters, other features, of this topic will turn up in that newer story topic or perhaps in Maharg67's Den. More chapters will be written until it is finished.

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I am pausing to review this story topic before finishing it as best that I can. I hope to finish it with the ending of Story Four.

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