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Cannot Activate ANYTHING in Skyrim (except for save/load menu)


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Hey all so I literally cannot activate anything in my skyrim game


I tried loading back to my earliest save but after a certain amount of time it just stops letting me do anything at all


I tried to console: player.tai but that didn't work


Here's a list of what I can't do:


Active anything (things don't even highlight for me to press e on them)

draw my weapon

open up my inventory

open up my map

open up anything really


Here's a list of what I can do:

Open up the Esc menu (to save/load and whatnot)

Run and sprint around



I can't pick things off of tables, talk to anyone, open any doors, open any of my menus


There are tears and screaming help me kind sirs/madams


Also yes I've got mods, they've been looted, they've been cleaned, they've been bashed, haven't added anything new in awhile soooo not really sure what is going on

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