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Skyrim sudden increase in textures where I didn't ask for it.


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Ok this is kinda a redo of my previous post. I apologize for my anger, but I hate when Skyrim does this to me. I could use some help please, any suggestions read below for information.





As said in my earlier post, I was playing Skyrim just fine when I reset in the launcher to set my game graphics to default.

It chose high by default and I went in game to experience some severe lag. I also noticed a texture increase in my character

his head wasn't as smooth, had more pixels, and so did the floor. I didn't install any texture replacer mods recently, so I don't

understand how resetting my graphics to high could increase the graphics when they were on high to begin with, just some minor tweaks

to increase distance view.


Here are some screen shots of a before and after the events.














download the pics if you need to in order to compare, but something you can see is that my characters

face has become more pixelated, and the ground texture has placed a few more patches of the road to the

right of where I'm kneeling. (though that may just be me.) I'm positive though that my characters head has gained

more pixels to his model and I don't know why.


I'll post my load order if needed, but as i said I haven't ADDED any mods since a few days ago

and my gameplay was fine until I clicked "Default" in the launcher tab.



(lol please don't tell me you don't see anything. I'm positive my characters face has increased slightly in texture

and there is a patch of rock in the road beside me.)

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look at the Stitching on the right shoulder, it has more definition....my guess....IT was on Medium , and is now on High. OR it Was on High and is now on ultra.


Either way no way both settings are the same, Could be the detail setting was the same and one had AA off and the other has AA/AF on?.


Looks better now any way ...lol


Center of lower Pic, on the hill . see the thing (silver) it is not in the upper PIC, The Object slider is a different setting. Distance object fade? forget, been a long time since i opened the launcher settings.

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It looks better now but my CPU is overclocking big time and I want it back the way it was so I can game again easily DX>

I'll try turning AA off and have my settings on high. Originally I had my settings on high by default with a few tweaks

for how long before an Actor fades, or item fades. But me and my bro were comparing default settings with our GPU

and then THIS happened, ITS SO MUCH BETTER! WHY! Its too laggy! lol I won the challenge though, just now I need

to fix my lag issue with higher graphics.

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turning off either AA or AF doesn't effect the quality of my head, shoulder pad or overhaul texture. It doesn't revert it back to how it was. I'm still messing around with the tabs

but if anyone else knows what I may have to do in order to get rid of the extra extra quality pixels please let me know, my computer is having a hard time with it.

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