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Still no sign of a hotfix from EA and the server isn't filling up with AF on. I've put a City Map rotation on and left the Multiplay.co.uk tag on for the time being -- apparently a lot of people search for that tag when they are looking for servers...


...we'll see.

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thank god you changed it from AF.. The only hope we have is to have some consistancy while all around us are loosing their heads. EA are a pain in the arse and we all have to put up with it. I believe that if we vote the favourite maps like wake, karkand, Gulf , mushtaar, and so on we might get regulars. But the annoying thing about it all is that I like them all. :blush:


I think Bf2 is the most stable of them all ?????


SF ,Euro, Af are close but no cigar !!!!!!!!!!

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