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Don´t use Spotify but my playlists often contain various rock music mixed with techno and heavy metal.


Favourites are Maiden, Nightwish, AC/DC and of course my new obsession Korean girl groups such as BESTie. Yeah, that´s quite a mix isn´t it? :laugh:

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I don't use spotify but i Listen:

-Twenty One Pilots

-Kaaris (French rapper)

-Serge Gainsbourg (Old french singer)

-The Beatles

-George Brassens (Another old french singer)

-The soundtracks of Doctor Who


-Lorenzo (Another french,again)

And a lot of other music !

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I have different kind of genres in my playlist but I'm sure you'll like some of them so..


Here's my Spotify playlist:

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0Q50QvN18D2QdoWdXi9juP (My Random 2019 PL)

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0bBvKaUREf5WTgAkOPvRCN (I love Pop Rock. Also a ATC Fan) :smile:

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So this may be of interest to some folks on this forum. There was a complete Fallout Radio playlist that included songs from all the main in-game radio stations (GNR, RNV, etc.), in addition to all songs referenced by mission titles (e.g. That Lucky Old Sun) and a few extras. It has 11,000 followers. The playlist had degraded pretty heavily however, it was about 1/4th gray links and didn't include Fallout 4 or 76 radios.

So first I rebuilt it as best I could, though there were still a few songs that I couldn't find. Then, as I tend to do with Spotify playlists, I went really overboard and added songs from my favorite Radio mods and just other songs from the 50s/Early 60s era I like. So, sorry that it's so long, but if you're interested here it is - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/623V8f3WK2aiQmcfuNDDxj?si=ySVdmJGdTTqUyJQBRl3nQA

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That's a nice thread!


I would like to share my playlist, but it is include on my boyfriend's account ^^'


Anyway, my playlist is a bit messy, with electronic music, psy-trance, dubstep, J-rock, industrial metal, metalcore, Undertale's OSTs, and some experimental songs.

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