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If you have a Spotify account and like to maintain your playlists then feel free to post here with your Spotify username. You don't need to be friends on Facebook to share playlists, you simply need to add "spotify:user:username" to the search and it will come up. For example if you want to see my playlist then type "spotify:user:rs1234" in to the search and you should see it.


Provide details in this format:


Username: rs1234


Music genres: Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock, Emo, Acoustic, Trash Pop/Rock, Dubstep and D&B.






Never used Spotify? It's not a big deal; it's free, it's legal, and it takes about 3 minutes to sign-up and install


Download Spotify from Spotify.com

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I had no idea it wasn't available in the US or Canada. It's all the rave here in England and the EU.


It's either free and you get radio style ads every 10 - 15 minutes of music or so, £4.99 for the service without the ads, and £9.99 to be able to download the tracks and stream it straight through your mobile. Huge array of music; it has almost all my music apart from a few very niche things. You can connect it up to your Facebook account and go through all your friend's playlists and listen to all the tracks they listen to.


It's basically everything iTunes should be i.e. it's not utter crap.

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I had Spotify, but it's too harsh on those who doesn't pay. 20 hours a month? that's ridiculous for me. I haven't made any playlists, even though I used up more than 20 Hours in total.


I now use last.fm and Grooveshark - Last.fm is sorta like your own radio - you type in what you like and stuff, and it plays that. It's free, as long as you're in US, UK, or Germany. You can also get a phone app for free.


Grooveshark is like Spotify but it's in browser, different layout, and less ads. Haven't used it for that much.

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Grooveshark is all the rage at school, for some reason Department of Education didn't block it.


I have to agree with you on that one, its a great mp3 streaming site.


Now the trick is to get it to work with Firefox and it'll be perfect..

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Spotify is technically still in beta and is legal whereas Grooveshark isn't last I checked. I only have one playlist on Spotify as I got lazy.


User: Gishank

Genre's: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Folk Rock, Neue Deutsch Harte, Industrial Metal, Power Metal, Punk... The list goes on, but you get the idea.

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