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Mod Request:Weapon Switch


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I missed this feature right out of DA:O when I was in DA:2, though I guess they would really like us to focus on a combat style. Not like we're Arcane Warriors from the first game switching between greatsword/mage staff.


I'd be all for this being returned though

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I find it horrifying that they remove 'main ingredient' abilities.


It is stupid to be done with fighting melee and not be able to

switch to a bow to hit bad guys long range.


It is less than RPG than before. I totally hate that I can not beef up

my mage because I have no control over the abilities. It is not cool

that my power totally depends on equipment that I find.

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When you're a mage and you need to fight both a Rage Demon (immune to fire) and a Despair Demon (immune to cold), then being unable to change staff elemental types adds a layer of unwanted complexity (especially with rifts, when you don't know what you're getting into, until it's too late and you can't switch out!).

This thread has my vote for a mod request!

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