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Heroic wardrobe. What are the most powerful rewards


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During my current playthrough I begin to think - obviously the most powerful stuff in game are self-enchanted daedric,but what if I wouldn't want to use enchanting? What equipment then would be the most powerful and the best for character? If choose from unique stuff from all original addons and base game.


Weapon would be Mehrun Razor obviously(fast attack, light weight and pretty good demage), shield would most likely be Escutcheon of Chorrol at 25 lvl, but what else?

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The Ring of the Iron Fist, Amulet of Axes or Necklace of Swords are always high on my looting wish list (available at level 20). All provide 33% reflect damage, so you can either wear just one (allowing you to pick a different shield than Escutcheon) or combine the ring with whichever amulet slot item you prefer (blade fortify or blunt fortify 25 points) and get 66% reflect damage. Personally I prefer to stick with the lesser reflect damage option but like to carry the ring and the Necklace of Swords (not much of a blunt guy myself) so I can pick and choose which to equip for any given situation.


If I've managed to snag the Mundane Ring it's a no brainer ... Mundane plus Necklace.


Helmet choice is more limited. My preference is for the Helmet of the Mage (fortify magicka 20 points, spell absorbtion 14%), but there are plenty of single enchantment helmets to choose from if you don't mind giving up a slot for a single enchantment.


I tend to like the look of leather armor for boots, greaves and gauntlets, so that sort of limits me somewhat. The Boots of the Olympian give a decent boost to agility, speed, acrobatics and athletics (8 points) all at the cost of one slot. For gauntlets its a toss up between Gauntlets of the BattleMage (alteration, conjuration and destruction 8 points) and Gloves of the Caster (illusion, mysticism and restoration 8 points). If I can find both I'd carry both (same deal as before ... equip what is needed when needed).


There are no multi-enchantment greaves, so unless I multi-enchant some using Magicka based enchantment limits I stick with one of the single enchantment alternatives (which means a pretty small enchantment when you're looking at leather greaves).


I like the look of the Blades cuirass and helmet so that's my usual choice once doing the main quest. Because there aren't enchanted versions available that don't have a drain penalty attached (I want it all) I usually either single enchant with a sigil stone (fortify health for the cuirass, fortify intelligence for the helmet) or go with multiple enchantments. It's hard to keep a lid on putting too many multi-enchantments on items. Make your guy too powerful and a lot of the challenge goes out of the game. The shield you get doing Blood of the Divines in the main quest goes well look wise with the Blades cuirass and helmet and you'll get another boost to reflect damage (6 to 10% depending on your level).


If I'm looking to go all light armor the Blackwater cuirass you get from An Unexpected Voyage is a favourite for using to enchant. That will be paired either with one of the single enchantment generic enchanted leather helmets or custom enchanted. Sometimes I'll go with the zero weight Black Hood enchanted (you can carry it at no encumbrance penalty and switch when you need it's enchantment).


I've been using RealSwords Dunmer with my current character (along with the rest of the RealSwords series, but I always play Dunmer). It adds a nice fortify blade/bow (depending on which is equipped) and agility 5 points each and fortify fatigue 10 points (nice because I use both Realistic Fatigue and Basic Physical Activities so every little bit helps) and I've editted the ESP to nerf the damage and health a bit lower and lower the prices so that the new weapons the mod adds don't become a gold mine.


Of the vanilla weapons I think the Akavari Warblade (damage fatigue and magicka 30 points, damage health 15 points, 33 hits per full charge) is an option (coupled with Realistic Fatigue it should get you an advantage at the end of a fight). The Blackwater Blade you get from An Unexpected Voyage (absorb fatigue 20 points for 12 seconds, 50 uses per full charge at level 25) would be another option (and is a nice looking blade). The good old Blade of Woe is a fine backup weapon for you after you've completed the Dark Brotherhood questline (and is light weight for the enchantments you get). There are a couple of mods that allow you to change it's look if you're not crazy about the vanilla ebony dagger look (or you could get the textures/meshes from Insanity's Ebony Sword Replacer and fab up something as a replacer for yourself).


So many options.

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My character Lothran has worn Saviour´s Hide ever since he got it in 2007. It looks good and has useful enchantments so it stays :)


Mundane Ring of course and Ring of Vitality both go high on my list. Can´t beat 100% immunity to poison when diving deep into an Ayleid ruin.

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