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Zippys 16K Story, COTLOP Lost 1


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I've gone over it half a dozen times more its not going to get any better, not with my skills.

So here is the whole thing.










Below is an earlier draft


(Part 1) (I apologize if I am posting out of order, please let me know so I can correct or feel free to remove this if it goes against the rules.)



Chronicles of the Lord of Power: Lost and abandoned on the dark lonely road of the stars.



Being found is worse than being lost. As being lost you are free from all but self. Being found you have to constantly worry about others. :Lord of Power


Notes: This story is more of what I had in mind around the time of the Lord of Powers creation. It’s further along time line wise than Book one.



Off in the white hazy mists beyond time and space. Seemingly endless rows of elegant dark wrought iron tables with leaf and vine features matched by a pair of two chairs. Upon the table tops random chess like games are in play. These games will linger on until one side completely removes the other from all the other boards.


In the middle of the sea of tables and chairs two figures sit. One in tattered white and gray robes his thin and long bearded face is pale, wrinkled, thin and wise, eyes sunken and sorrowful. He leans to one side as his eyes close and drifts off to sleep as drool starts down his cheek.


A much darker figure sits across from him. Dressed in dark tattered robes made of fur his broad dark face and sunken cheeks are marred by old scars. His head is full of thin gnarly hair. His expression is grim as his deep crimson eyes that seethe with rage. His features are burly yet contorted seemingly corrupted by madness. He fell to sleep where he sits eyes open with foam gathering at the corner of his mouth. He writhes in his slumber as violent dreams haunt the dark one’s ungrateful rest.


On each side of the empty chessboard a bowl sits. A black one with white stripes on the white side a white bowel with dark zigzagging lines on the other where dark tatters inch their way to the board hoping to steal or distract. The chessboard vibrates as a white knight, queen and handful of dark pawns fade in. It appears this game has just begun.


Far away back within the confines of creation a derelict space ship ravaged by time and the long journey on the lonely road of the stars drifts silently amidst the colorful lights coming from various clusters of stars, dust and gas clouds. Their multi-colored light caresses the ship like light through tall cathedral stained glass. Upon the ships hind end a curious unhinged panel rests with letters arranged upon it. They are human and crude that read L. O. P. dash One.


As the light penetrates into the depths of the ship though holes upon its surface. Life still lingers within this seemingly dead coal as the multi-color light sparkles and shines within the darkness. Dozens of round glowing solid energy spheres with a single large translucent cat’s eye look on in awe all the while their master is oblivious to it. They are barely autonomous creatures, simple but fiercely loyal. They are called minions made by the master of the ship. Outside near the outer hull a minion peers out into the darkness hoping to see signs of life or useable debris. It scans from left to right for a few minutes then turns around and enters the spaceship through a large hole.


Slowly it passes through the wreck and ruin and leaves the vacuum of space. It passes by a large rackety and box where within carbon dioxide molecules are being produced via matter conversion and then viciously consumed by the endlessly hungry plant life form that sputters out an oxygen based atmosphere and enough energy to power the loud rackety machine and seal the beast within it. A curiosity since no one on board needs it to live it’s more of a comfort for the weary travelers within.


An orb smaller than a human head hovers over a grumbling man, his figure is plump, face round with short brown hair and unkempt face, eyes blue and distant. He is dressed in heavily worn blue jeans a torn white T-shirt, black boots, brown faded fedora and trench coat that have seen better days. His rough hands are working on some sort of circuit panel. Worn fingers paint pathways of light.



A slightly raspy woman’s voice comes from the orb “You better hope that damn mold monster doesn’t pop out of that piece of crap life support unit you were up all week hammering together.” She pauses for a moment. “On second thought, since I had to use my last good repair drones to fish you off that planet and clean you up, I don’t want to talk about it.” She says humorously.


The man is working on some sort of large looking circuit panel. He links dim pathways of light as if he is drawing. He says in a lightly stressed voice. “Yes, yes I know, but it relaxes me.”


The orb snarkly replies “What? Being covered in putrid green goo that wants to turn you into plant poo?”


The man retorts. “Why yes, I like my balls being eroded away…” He pauses for a moment, sighs then continues. “But I prefer the smell of crappy life-support to a colorless and quiet void.” He continues as he places a panel over the circuit board. “This one is good, only 10 thousand or so to go. Then again, we should hunt down what powers it and try to get the engines online again.” The orb rotates in place blinking a bright off yellow dotted bland and uninterested smiley face while deep in thought pauses then says. “So we are going to try the Light Force energy array, since we obviously don’t have any decent power source on my poor precious ship?” The orb displays a crying face with a hint of happiness while looking at the tattered man.



Giving the orb a double take he says. “No… you’re not making me into a human battery… besides, the ship couldn’t handle being plugged into my nipples the last time we tried!”

While making another sad smiley face the orb says. “So the array?”

With a half hopeful smile he replies. “Yeah, even if we run afoul of the powers that be, it’s better than trying to repair the ship with blood and sweat alone.” He then gets up as they approach a door, it jerks itself open making an odd echoing sound and they find themselves in a corridor that leads to a maze of pathways, filled with disorganized cabling of all sizes branching off in different directions. As they walk down the maze, the orb leads the tattered man through the dimly lit corridors. The orb gives off some light, creating menacing shadows that bob and sway as they venture forth.



The man stares at the cabling coming from the ceiling and follows it with his eyes as he recalls a troubling past experience with cabling. He remembers falling through a ceiling panel while being tied up in super energized cables. Dangling like a marionette jerking ever so slightly as the energy coursed through him randomly. He covers his face and grasps his forehead, remembering the worst part of it. The repair drone was cutting the cables and missed… cutting off a couple limbs. He sighs just before he stumbles and falls over a large stack of cabling, hitting his head as his hat floats gently forward to the ground.


The orb says as she moves forward. “Keep up slow poke, or I will leave you down here.”


He replies while grabbing his hat while he stands up staggering a bit to catch up with the orb. “Do that and there will be many more holes in your precious ship.”


The orb says as it stops at a battered door “Tsk tsk tsk, do you always have to resort to brute force?” Casting dim light and shadow on the door illuminating the hanger bay 13 sign.


The man stares at the faded number as he walks up to the orb then asks. “So out of the 40 or so un-collapsed hanger bays we have, this is the one we have to go through?”


The orb sighs then says. “Well, it’s the only one not wrecked and totally exposed to space. Want to go on another space trip skipping across asteroids like last time?”


The man energetically replies. “Er no, no more wasting time… and I was not skipping damn it! Unless you can skip on your head...”


The orbs laughs saying. “True. At least you came back whole that time…” She pauses for a moment then says. “Mmmmm!?””


The man looks at the orb puzzled. “What’s wrong now?”


The orb scans the door and says. “It’s been beaten in so much that it’s warped, buckling in on this side.”


The man pushes against the door grunting. “That… ugh… much is obvious. Ugh. Do you sense anything on the other side?”


The orb replies. “Scanning… No the door is just bent in from the other side.”


The man replies quickly with an evil grin. “Then can I blow it up?”


The orb scurries behind him saying. “Ugh, fine. Just keep the damage to a minimum.”



He smiles giving the buckled in door an evil look as he moves back. He whips his tattered trench coat off his hip and pulls out a long object that’s covered in bandages. He then waves the object to the right, then up and down; the bandages fall around him in a circular motion. As the bandages fall to the floor, they reveal a sheathed golden brown shirasaya. His eyes radiate a glowing blue mist as energy lines start pulsating away from the man on the sword. He points the end at the door as energy starts compressing into a ball on the end; a moment of silence covers the area as a bead of sweat runs down his check. As the final bandage hits the floor, a blurring beam of concentrated energy hits the door and fills the area with intense blue energy. The door moves for a second, then stops. As he continues, the door withstands the assault. He glares at the door through the hazy, rebounding energy and pushes himself forward, forcing the energy into every crevice and molecule of the door’s recesses and archway. Crackling sounds can be heard as cracks start forming along the areas touched by the door. Suddenly the door and its whole archway go blasting off across the hanger bay floor with a great WOOSHING sound as it slams into several different fighters, coming to a rest far off in the distance. Amongst the rubble and a few random untouched fighters lay, the hunk of ejected metal glows far off within the darkness as they enter the gaping, yet still glowing hole. The tattered man and his floating orb companion soon realize something is amiss.


(Part 2)


Revealed in the endless hazy field of white,

where ageless ones sleep tight,

while upon a chess board skewed,

many dark pawns gather their hunger renewed,

to fight together across a maze,

fading in from the haze.

Seeing from far above carved timber men so starved move and sniff the air above,

focusing their mashing, their gnawing, their seething hate,

some still gnawing upon brothers they ate,

While others sense the one they truly loathe and hate

One by two they pass into the pew ,

They step into a world of debris the two,

One man and one illuminated orb arrive in the place they need to be,

within hanger one three.


As the air pressurizes Sandy says “Whelp there goes life support the vacuum shielding is stable do try and stay inside the ship this time.”


The man says ”No kicking this time…” as he walks through the still glowing and smoking ‘improvised’ doorway. Before his eyes could focus a familiar smell of death, filth and decay linger in the air and cling within his nostrils as shadows dart around the ruins of the hanger. Many twin bisected eyes light up randomly within the darkness. Hissing sounds can be heard off in the distance.

He pauses as he sighs then says. “Xai’raithi eh?”

The orb says in a startled voice. “Dozens and dozens of them, from the looks of their putrid psionic energy levels they are not freshly hatched either. Damnit with resources as they are I can’t scan the whole ship and since half of it is empty….not good.”

The tattered man’s eyes glow blue as he raises his sword and says. “I suppose we have some time to play with these damn insect men. ”

As if being carried on the breath of Darkness itself multiple echoes softly slither through the darkness quietly flowing into the maze behind the tattered man a name echoes out in deep raspy hissing tones. “It’s him, him , masters toy ,HHHIIIImmmmmMMMMm, Power lor, the power lord…. The Lord of Power…..hhiiimmmmmm ”.


The Lord of Power raises his head holding his sword at his side with the tip pointing up then says. “Sandy I’m giving you an energy bonus try not and let them absorb the energy out you.” As he said that the orb glows brightly and then he yells out to the glowing eyes and darting shadows within the darkness before him. “COME YE WARROIRS OF THE DARK!”

Humoind figures leer from the shadows they emerge and standing 6 to 7 feet tall with broad shoulders. Their imposing bodies covered in scares and armored shells their biceted eyes on fire with putrid sickly green and yellow psionic energy their split mouths shutter dripping poisonous salvia.


The Lord of Power leans forward and dashes off stumbling a bit then jumps on a long metal board surfing upon pieces of junk and debris into the murky depths of the hanger. One Xai’raithi comes out of the darkness from the left leaping from above the Lord of Power quickly slashes him in half with a left to right motion of his sheathed sword covered in bandages and energy. The Xai’raithi halves turn to ash . A clear area comes into sight where a Xai’raithi has taken a sniping position firing off putrid energy bolts from a mutated gun arm. The Lord of Power uses his bandaged sword deflecting bolts left then right he then jumps with the metal board in the air and kicks the board at the sniping Xai’raithi.


While in the air he rolls forward almost flying and lands perfectly within the area that’s clear of debris. He then walks forward two steps slipping on something landing face first on the ground low growling laughter can be heard from different points within the darkness. The metal board leans against the Xai’raithi sniper whose fist stopped the board forcing the metal board around its fist. Suddenly it flings it aside firing quickly and wildly at the now prone Lord of Power. Shot after shot after shot misses while one shot grazes his hat which causes the Lord of Powers eyes to glow blue he then pumps his sheathed sword like a shotgun and fires a powerful energy blast into the chest area of the Xai’raithi blowing it apart from the torso up. He gets up and shakes off the dust and goo looks around tries to walk forward but slips again just dodging a sneak attack from behind the Xai’raithi is so surprised he lands face first into a vertical support beam collapsing the area above upon it. The Lord of Power slowly gets up holding his head already tired from his latest trip he sees where the Xai’raithi was buried holding his sword like a rifle with one hand firing randomly a few times into the collapsed mess. As he turns around and lays his sword on his shoulder the Xai’raithi suddenly roars and sends half of the derbies that was on it in the air. Without turning back around the Lord of Power fires a couple shots from his shoulder into the Xai’raithi purging its putrid psionic energy. The derbies come raining back down upon its corpse with the final piece making a headstone on the pile.


Trying not to congratulate himself he stops and looks around in the darkness and thinks…. “Ok now where am I?”.


Under a hole in ceiling multi-colored light from above rains down he looks up into the light for a moment then starts to notice random holes in the ceiling before looking up at a huge hole in the ship. The huge hole goes through many upper levels of the ship to the outside. Bright lights flashes as vacuum shielding on various levels above try to stabilize some sort of environment below. Slowly he is surrounded as he stands there thinking. One dashes out of nowhere from the right he dodges the attack and notices 5 more are coming at him. He grabs the one that he dodged and throws it at them. One is hit and knocked back while one runs and jumps high into the air off them as they crash into fighter debris. Three others get within an arm reach of the Lord of Power he swiftly changes his hand position to the middle of the sword and shoves it forward hitting the mouth of one and the neck of the other knocking them back 8 feet. He then decks the last one with a left fisted uppercut. And before his 4 opponents hit the floor he fires a shot from his sheathed sword from the front of his shoulder at the one falling down from the high jump exploding it into a rain of goo. He then quickly dashes forward slicing off the head of the one he uppercut it hits the ground and turns to ash.



He moves swiftly upon the three getting up from the ground. Firing a few shots from his sword held like a rifle in one hand he kills one on the left knocking out all its putrid psionic energy leaving only an empty husk upon the ground. While the others fire at him hitting him a couple times but he does not stop. He stabs the one on the left slicing it above the left shoulder then he kicks it far off into the distance the force turns the husk to ash while blocking shots from the remaining one with his sword. Wincing from the pain he staggers back knocking blasts away from him as he falls to one knee. The Xai’raithi charges up a powerful shot while chuckling.


The Lord of Power then readies his sword to draw the blade with his right hand and says “Sword of light: Drawing style, linear line.” and in a flash of bright light the Xai’raithi is cut in two then vaporized as he quickly sheaths his blade.


Breathing heavily he stands up trying not to move too much as he purges the vile energy from his body. Worn out from the fight he gains a second wind as one comes out from the right. The Lord of Power starts to run forward where he thinks he heard more Xai’raithi as he notices 5 coming from above he slides on the ground dodging shots from above and behind. Yet another Xai’raithi jumps him from behind still on his knees he spins around and fires at it putting it down with large holes its husk breaks apart as it hits the ground. He quickly gets on his feet as he finds himself surrounded again.


He grins his cheapish smile while he glows blue grasping hard on his bandaged sword acesessing engery from it letting out a scream that fills the area with a blazing blue inferno going up and up until it exits the ship into space as the whole ship sakes.

Sandy in orb form is talking to herself. “Damnit don’t wreck my ship.” As she dodges from almost being captured she fires a beam at a Xai’raithi’s chest creating a hot orange spot. Smoke lingers and drifts upward as it laughs suddenly she drops two fighter’s on it. She says. “Heh heh never underestimate me lil darkling.”


Those caught in the inferno surrounding the Lord of Power are vaporized while above randomly half of three dozen Xai’raithi are burnt to a crisp. The others seem to grin and chuckle as a few of them tear into the smoking remains of their just dead and devour them. Some laughing and grunting as they pull the bodies into the dark. He looks above watching the remaining Xai’raithi as multicolored light slowly falls down from a nearby nebula through holes in the ship and he thinks to himself.


“Oh lords, round two I guess”. He then jumps high off the ground. The creatures that remain seem larger than the others and grow various glowing bladed gun swords with larva like features and funny bent hilt from their arms and backs they pull them out from themselves all covered in dark green goo and black blood. They ready them and their eyes and weapons glow with a putrid dark green and yellow dissonance.



Sandy’s internal sensors start blipping and beeping as she says “Energy spikes from four or five of them what?!? ….high levels of putrid psionic energy…. They have evolved to Xai’raithi Lords already? Hope there are no Cursed Kings here we might not have a ship left to fix. ”


This has been edited 3 times I am sure I have missed a lot since I suck at grammar but I am comfortable enough to share it with others. Please feel free to rip it to shreds or give pointers!

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You should put this in a book in skyrim maybe?

Its Sci fi but that's not a bad idea just for the word of mouth and possible donations. Mmmm yyyyeeeessssssssss(megatron long yes). I'll add it to my notes.


I'll add each part part of a book series to the stores in Skyrim,FO3 and New Vegas once I get it edited! ^^


The full edit using a proper editor will be available as a book from Amazon, smash words, ect.

Edited by ZippyDSMlee
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Excellent. I am looking forward to more; I am hoping to learn more about the story behind the story, how the man came to be in the ship and how the ship became so damaged. :pirate: :geek: :smile: :yes: :dance:

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Excellent. I am looking forward to more; I am hoping to learn more about the story behind the story, how the man came to be in the ship and how the ship became so damaged. :pirate: :geek: :smile: :yes: :dance:

How they got there is easy, they are a bit outcasted so finding parts is harder than finding enemies a few battles with nearly everybody and you wind up with a decimated ship every now and then. Even more so its hard to find a Light Force/LF ship graveyard so doing partial refits and other over overhauls and major repairs is difficult.


Select the text to read it, its not a spoiler persay it covers technology issues which are not fully covered in my 14page world building and history piece.


Unless I change how composite protiaum is created. It requires changing protaium(golden indestructible drop forged energy controlling metal, created in enormous star forges) into composite protaium(silver energy controlling metal) via a mini star forge, it can process large sections of a ship but not a whole ship, (LF ships otter hulls are in 2 whole sections while the inner parts are made up of smaller sections). It takes in protaium then combines it with other metals creating a metal that has all the energy control properties but none of the insane level of indestructibility protium has. LF ships use insane amounts of energy since they do not have normal conduits/wire works. The Lord of Power dose not really have that privilege since he uses a small LF engine when thats all thats available. So his ships and fighters are in between conventional space tech and super insane space tech. If you are wandering, and this much is covered in the 14 page world building / history monster, Dark Force/DF ships use dark skin an oily gooey bio matter that can harden or remain gooey. DF ships are made up of asteroids and other random materials, covered in dark skin and hardened then covered in gooey dark skin as an extra buffer. Anyway dark skin is used as a weapon the hard bullets and lances and missles leave behind gooey dark skin which absorbs energy even enough to disable LF tech, but LF ships have dishes on them that can prune various amounts of a a whole galaxy. But even still the war between is even and no one is winning.



Also this story line seems to be passed the middle part of the "book" series I am trying to write. If you like this you might enjoy the world building and history thing I wrote out.



Don't worry everything on my patreon is free.


So far "book" one and I use that term loosely is about 40K words maybe 1/3rd through chapter 3. I have a very bad edit of chapter 1 and 2 on my deviant art page but that in and of itself is books before this story.




The new edits are the least eye bleedy but I did those edits before discovering you have to drop dialogue lines and I have yet to get around to doing new edits on them, once I get done with this 16K side story I'll try and find an editor so I can sell it via amazon, smash words, ect. Once I get done with this current edit I am going to try and read though Book 1, chapter 3 and start back writing on it.

Edited by ZippyDSMlee
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Thanks for the feedback, information, ZippyDSMiee. Very interesting and I look forward to reading more.

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Thanks for the feedback, information, ZippyDSMiee. Very interesting and I look forward to reading more.

No thank you, people asking questions allows me to think out a few things I would not normally run across or forget.



If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm about to post part 2 here.

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