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Trapped In This Box


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I've waited too long and got myself trapped in here.


Procrastinating, "should i go!?" usually halted by fear.


For too long i avoided the cold dark hole,


Scared i'd be forever lost to pay the final toll.


My entire life i've always turned from risk and harm,


I'd retreat to my home,safe comfortable and warm.


But today was different,today i pushed myself in front of death,


Only to find myself trapped in this damn box,breathing my last breath.


Ironic some would call it though most would call it foolish,


"What stopped working in your brain?" they'd say, that compelled me to do this..


I've seen others try and suceed. bravely and with confidence.


But without thought or strategy i've ended up here without any sense..


This cold dark box that now holds me a prisoner forever..


This hollow silent hell..will it release me? most likely never..


What's that? Are those footsteps? nearing my way?


"help!!" i screamed.. "Save me!!" but they ran and didn't stay..


Why would they do this? scared of a trap that's already been flipped..


were they scared they'd be trapped in here with me if another trap got tripped?


Hours have passed now and my legs are extremely numb..


i doubt i could stand up if i tried..now i've trapped myself again..how dumb.


The fear has now faded and has been filled with the lack of hope.


Voices from a near distance approach.. i ask for help... a response?..nope..


It feels as though i've been in here now the entire day..


My legs have swelled up. my back aches like hell..i should have stayed home today.


I might as well embrace this and try to enjoy my stay.


If i'm trapped here forever and can't help it, i'm not going to cry my soul away.


i'll gather the will to live until i can't. i'll fight until i die in here,on my terms and my way!


Oh great.. more voices. i suppose they prefer to run..


Not going to bother asking them for help this time i'm just starting to have fun!


A knock on the box!? what is this? is someone reaching out!?


"Excuse me sir but couldn't help but hear you shout"


"My god!" i screamed " I've been trapped in here for a lifetime!, will you rescue me!?"


"Of course i can, this happens all the time you see.."


A strange hand came down from the top of the box and handed me a roll of toilet paper


"Today sir,.." I replied " You are my bathroom savior!".


With fistfulls of toilet paper joy i jumped too my feet and wiped away merrier


Hitting the floor instantly forgetting my legs lost feeling earlier.


The door bust open and the man helps me up and on my feet.


He cleans me off and gives me some sanitizer and in minutes i am neat.


free at last from the isolated box that was once my solitary hell.


It's off to home now for me.. with an interesting story to tell.

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what's ironic is i just realized i may have ever submitted two stories to druid garden and both of them ended up being two different stories about the same issue. I think i have a problem. lol

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