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Piracy and you


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Lets establish some hard facts: piracy is illegal. Whatever excuse you might give for why you've pirated something you cannot escape the fact piracy is an illegal act. As a result, you have to be as thick as two short planks to admit to doing it publicly on a site like the Nexus. A lot of our rules rely on you possessing some semblance of common-sense, and if you can't prove you have it then you're likely to get banned. Admitting to piracy is one of those common sense things. You admit to it, you're stupid, you get a ban.

We have a strict anti-piracy policy on these forums and the Nexus sites and we take a proactive and pre-emptive stance on anyone we believe is using a pirated version of any game or software, or anyone who actively encourages it.
If you give us reason to believe that you are a software pirate you will be instantly banned.

Why do you care so much?
We support the people and companies who give us the games, tools and other entertainment mediums we all take for granted and believe that all of you should too. Why should we, the people who legally purchased our games, support those members of the community who haven't?

Similarly our success relies on the support provided by the game developers who give us these great games to mod. If they know the Nexus is a haven for pirates these game developers are going to be much less inclined to support the site, or perhaps even modding in general.

We do not care for the politics of software piracy or why you may or may not believe that piracy is or is not acceptable. For us, and on these sites, it is unacceptable, and admitting to any sort of piracy here will be dealt with accordingly.

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