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A Collaboration: Male Follower Romance


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Firstly I would like to say that no, his name is not actually Bouche Dag you silly little person, you!


Secondly I would like to state that my plan is for this companion to be homosexual, so any hate for that will be ignored. I have no patience for that, and neither do many other people.


Hello there my fellow modders and Skyrim fans, a pleasure to have you reading my thread today. Thanks for stopping by and taking a lookhttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png, I appreciate it. So I would like to state that I have had this idea for a long time, as have many other modders or Skyrim fans. I attempted once to beginhttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png it myself, but that flame died out quickly. Reason one is because I'm very inexperienced and taking on a feat this large on my own is very unrealistic. Reason two and probably the bigger problem of the two was that my computer'shttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png hard drive decided it was time to spontaneously combust. Good times.


Please understand that I do have more written than what is posted here, I'm just hesitant to share more about the character himself, and honestly have no idea on how to get this started. The truth is that I need help in order to continue and progress with this project, especially after losing all the progress I had initially gained. Anyways, let us move past the pleasantries and disclaimers so that we may get down to the nitty gritty.


As you should have noticed by now, my intention is for this creation to be a homosexual male companion (homosexual and male both very rarely seen in Skyrim companion mods.) I have many ideas and honestly no idea how to segue. So... BULLETS.


  • Custom voiced. Custom armor/weapons/spells. CUSTOM EVERYTHING. (okay maybe not everything, these things would just be super awesome)
  • Eventually fully standalone (sooo convenient)
  • Met very early in the story, recruit-able soon after player character becomes Dragon Born
  • Dynamic dialogue, allowing for different conversation options
  • Responds to current quests, perhaps banter with other NPC's?
  • Romance arch, as well as a friendship arch for those who opt out of romance
  • Approval and Disapproval, similar to Bioware games (i.e. he approves of helping others)
  • Levels up and learns new spells or crap as you do
  • Specialhttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.pngcommentary in and out of battle referring to marriage and/or adoption (lack of such always bothered me)
  • Marrying him actually gives you useful s*** (Maybe you can ask him to retirehttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png and gain his armor, or he teaches you a special new spell? Haven't thought much on this, just know that vanilla marriage system annoys the crap out of me)


These are a few ideas that I have at the moment. For the character himself, I have alreadyhttp://cdncache-a.akamaihd.net/items/it/img/arrow-10x10.png developed his personality and backstory. He's based off of an original character. Because of this I would like to handle the writing, with maybe the help of one other more experienced writer to give a secondary opinion and advice. (I cannot stress enough how much of a beginner I am with this.) For this rather daunting task I think It would be nice to assemble a small team of agreeable and like-minded individuals. I'm willing to learn new things to contribute more to this project, as I think It would be very fun and worthwhile to do so. I would like to state now that I unfortunately have no money to pay you, and will not be asking for donations or any form of payment during or after the creation of this mod.


If you're interested then I would love It if you would contact me so we can talk further on the subject. I would ask you let me know what skills or know-how you have, maybe with some examples of the stuff you've done if you've got any. It would be nice to have some more experienced modders helping out, but beginners are cool if they're willing to really dedicate to improving. (Eventually I would like to exchange email and Skype information.) Of course you can comment in the thread, but inboxing is a far more effective and fast way to contact me.


More information will be released later once the project has begun to take off. Eventually I will seek out voice actors, though I will not actively do so at the moment. If you're a voice actor interested in helping on this mod then I would love if you would contact me so that we may talk more on the subject, but please do not expect me to commit right away. His voice is very important to me and I would like to explore my options.


I do not need to be leading this entire project, the idea actually scares me a little, and I do better when I have someone pushing me to do things. With that being said, I don't want my opinions to be completely ignored either. Don't contact me if you don't play well with others, we will not get along.


Edit #1: Right now I'm not expecting anyone to come forward wanting to immediately dedicate themselves to helping, as my idea currently has no substance. Really all that I ask for at the moment are some pointers and advice on how to get started so that I can progress and people will know I'm dedicated and worth helping. I know that commenting may be bothersome or seem out of your way, but any help you can offer is sorely needed and will be deeply appreciated. I really have a deep emotional attachment to both the character and the mod idea, and I know that if I'm given a chance and the help of other talented and determined people, we can achieve something both awesome and heartwarming. Thank you very much for reading, and I hope that the rest of your day goes well.

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That is very nice for the Skyrim romance mod, and I do appreciate you informing me of this. I will try to check it out in the future. But I would like to make a mod that focuses primarily on one character so that he is more fleshed out, and the romance more touching and emotional.

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It's actually nice to see someone wanting to do this. Myself I would love to help but like you I am very inexperienced in making mods, I can do basic followers which are not that good for me sadly. Myself im a very open minded person and also do like the flaming or hatred thrown at us Homosexual folk, its rude and offensive, myself im a gay female playing a male character in skyrim and would love to see this type of mod myself. Kudos to you!

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