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Sid's Adventure (photo journal)


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Hello! I am returning to the Nexus after an extended hiatus and happily surprised to see new mods added as recently as the last few days! Somehow I've gotten interested in playing and modding Oblivion again, and it reminded me of a sort of comic style story I used to email my friend. I think I only have part of it, but really love taking screenshots and had a lot of fun making these and some anime style NEXT TIME ON <XXX>!! intro and outro fluff in the emails. If anybody likes it, I could do it again while playing this time. It's probably funnier if you recognize the quests and people involved in the shots.

(Also I hope this is the right place, it is a story...eventually)

((Also also, I just realized how goofy and odd this is, so don't take it too seriously :D)

Anyway, here are the shots, this first one has Sidera Nightbeam reflecting on her busy week. Enjoy!









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Interesting, especially the third picture down, in the dreaming! Just what is he dreaming about?

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