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Fallout 4 3DS MAX 2016 Weapon Question.


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So, i have made a rifle in 3ds Max 2016 and I am soon moving on to the low-poly/texturing steps. The tutorial I am following is not for Fallout specifically. In fact, it is a professional tutorial made for a modelers personal portfolio. But walks through these steps (Base controls, high-poly, low-poly, unwrapping, texturing).


What exactly, if any, things need to be done to get this gun into fallout? I'm speaking of course in regards to size and the such. My gun looks the right size in its parts, but should i be importing a weapon asset to scale my rifle too? that way i can use similar reload animations in the game?


Also, should certain parts of the rifle be connected? I have the stock, lower receiver, magazine (with 2 separate bullets inside the mag), the upper receiver with the barrel unattached, the sight, and the trigger group are all separate pieces..


Invariably, I intend to add mods for this gun..i.e. stock variants, sight variants, barrel variants..i'm not sure if textures can be changed in game also, but if so those as well.. I just have no idea how to go about these. Do i make them a whole separate model project? or maybe make them along side the rifle for scale...I'm confused..


anyways, any help would prove very useful, and i look forward to helping make mods for those who need them. '



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My gun looks the right size in its parts, but should i be importing a weapon asset to scale my rifle too? that way i can use similar reload animations in the game?



Yes, and for this exact reason.


Weapon animations control specific-named nodes in a weapon .nif which cannot be moved without first altering the animation itself. Children of these nodes can be positioned independently of the parent node, but their origin will always be offset relative to that of the parent node. This is particularly important for any parts of a weapon which rotate, like the hammer, trigger and cylinder parts like for a revolver type gun.


Best thing would be to get Nifskope and look at how some of the vanilla's weapons are set up. While it's possible to ignore the crafting system entirely and use only one asset for your weapon, you'll need to split it up into separate files/parts and follow Bethesda's framework for adding mods to weapons generally if you want to create modifications for it.


It doesn't matter how many separate parts of a gun are included in a single .nif. It's all treated as one, defined in the weapon record or its associated object modifications.

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I'm back after taking a long break from modding and I want to spruce up some of my existing mods. I noticed I left some things undone from my earlier weapon releases. For the most part they're functional, but they don't have magazine meshes for their reload animation. I wanted to know how to add them back in. I mean I have the meshes in the proper assigned mod file from the vanilla assets but the mesh itself won't show up in-game. If anyone has any pointers on what I'm missing they would be great.

For ex:


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