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The Sunday Discussion - Caliente - Author of "Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE-"


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VeryEpicBilly wrote: the myth the man the legend

thank you for your efforts
mattheon wrote: The woman.
Darkknight1000 wrote: ^
LilianaSnowpaw14 wrote: Uhhh yeah. @VeryEpicBilly. As mattheon said, Caliente isn't "the myth the man the legend". They're "The Myth, The WOMAN, The Legend." :P

"Man" is the terminology used for a single non gender specified individual of the human race. As well as the human race in all. Sorry to pee on your parade there people! ^^

So it isn't wrong. You simply read it or understood it wrong.
Amazing woman anyway. Or, to be more moderns and pc: Amazing person.
*+100% flame resistance from "politically Correct Ending"*
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This was a great read. Thanks to Caliente and her wonderful work, I've spent untold hours in Fallout 4 and Skyrim just faffing about with CBBE, and really enjoying the resulting mods the community has put out there.

It would not be an exaggeration to say standard vanilla games just don't feel right without mods any more...I've been playing The Witcher 3 and while the game looks amazing (kudos to CDPR for some great eye candy) I'm missing the variety and choice that Caliente's tools lend to a game.

Thanks for posting the interview, BlindJudge!

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In response to post #45350685. #45366375 is also a reply to the same post.

brt88965 wrote: Am I the only one who thinks the original name was Caliente's Big Bottom Edition, or am I imagining things? Or, was it Caliente's Bouncing Breast Edition?

Whatever it was, or is, it's a great mod.
Belegost wrote: You are indeed correct sir. It was Big Bottom Edition.

I also thought this...
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Just another big thank you!!!


Not only for the body mod but for the excellent tool that is Outfit Studio with all the simplicity created for modders that goes behind creating clothes or armor, without having to open any more complicated tools like Blender or 3D Studio Max .


Keep up the great work!!!

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haya cal. toot from sl here the old days, take them back to be for skyrim to marowwin think thats the name ,so long now ,but the only mod there was a skin mod , remember that lol, i mod all too but not for show, and have downloaded all you made for quite some time to play and study, come a long way haven't we all.thank you so much see ya around cyger space friend. lov
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