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General Questing Hints


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Some notes on things easily overlooked.


While it is possible to get this from other sources often these give too much away. Here are just some hints on matters that can be missed by the uninitiated.


I am assuming that everyone is capable of doing the main and all faction quests, of visiting every tomb, cave, grotto etc and talking to all the stray NPCs they meet along the paths.



The following can be overlooked –


1. The invoice in the shipwreck near Vas starts a quest (although this does not work in every version)

2. The piece of paper in the flowerbeds of the Hlaalu canton Plaza, Vivec starts a quest.

3. The note on the corpse found leaving Balmora towards Caldera off to the right starts a quest.

4. The silver bowl in the Ulummusa cave starts a quest.

5. The sunken shrine of Boethiah starts a quest.

6. Another quest it is easy to miss comes from the Ashlander Kurapli in the Urshillaku Camp. You will only get the quest by talking to her after you have joined the Ashlanders.

7. There is also a second part to the Dwemer bone quest given to you by Balen Andrano in the Redoran Canton, Vivec. After receiving your reward from him, return to Jeanne.

8. There are four Morag Tong writs available to the Grandmaster after Dagoth Ur has been defeated



Other points

1. There are five hidden doors in Tel Vos.

2. The important artefacts Auriel’s Bow and Auriel’s Shield are both at Ghostgate

3. If you wish to do all the Bal Molagmar quests for the Thieves’ Guild, finish them before taking over from Gentleman Jim Stacey.

4. If you wish to complete the Threads of the Webspinner quest for Eno Hlaalu Grandmaster of the Morag Tong (and get the reward) you must return them all before you take over from him.

5. You will get all but three of the above threads if you undertake the Morag Tong special duties and visit every Daedric Site and Dunmer Stronghold. Hints are found for two of the others (one in Vivec about a kitty that can jump, one in Sadrith Mora from the Orc near Dirty Muriel’s Corner Club). I have never discovered any hint about the third. Look for an assassin at Khuul.


A few notes on Vampires

Most players know you can become a vampire and then be cured. While you are a vampire there are three clan quests and seven general quests that can be done. Unless you intend to play the vampire extensively for fun, the best quests and rewards come from the Aundae clan.

Warning – do not eliminate your clan before you become a vampire.

Warning two – learn where your selected clan vampires are found and get bitten there. Do not fight any other vampires in the three day period you have to wait for the disease to affect you or the clan can change.

Warning three – with two exceptions (Mastrius and Irarak) all vampires you meet in the game will attack you before you become a vampire. In two cases these are parts of quests that you might otherwise get Marara (a miscellaneous quest) and Merta (Clan Berne quest). Marara you will probably find when doing a quest for Hrundi. Avoid killing them if you intend to play as a vampire later.


Miscellaneous Vampiric Quests

These are not easy to find. As a clue visit the Mages Guilds at Vivec and Ald Rhun, the Telvanni Council building and Tel Mora. This should get you six of the seven quests. The other needs you to explore the north-eastern part of red mountain inside the ghostgate.


If you wish to get the sword Eltonbrand (you must first have Goldbrand) check out the relevant thread in these forums. You will not do it without an explanation.


I hope this may be of some use. If anyone has further points to add feel free.

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Indeed, thanks for making this thread Malchik :D hopefully it'll stop some of the "how do I do x quest"/"I failed x quest what can I do" threads that keep popping up.
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Hijack split to new thread. This thread is meant to be a list of general hints, not discussion of specific ones. If you have a specific question or something to discuss, post it in a new thread.
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