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[GUIDE] Manual Cleaning Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition Master files

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NOTE : This guide is now out of date - I dont have any Bethesda games installed anymore, and xEdit has changed greatly since I last had it installed.

Anyone wishes to re-do this guide on a new page bringing it up to date .. Crack on :D

First post has also been updated with the same message

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NO! Don't do it!


Since this is pinned, I will put this here. The Unofficial Patch team, The Steam Workshop, other mod creators, and I, all recommend that you NOT clean the SSE Masters. Cleaning the masters can cause more problems than the process supposedly fixes. The least of which is whole sections of Apocrypha disappearing.

If you are cleaning Masters because LOOT says to, remember, LOOT messages are based on what LOOT is told to say, and not on any reality.

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Wow this outdated to the point where only one item is current, and needs to cleaned, but way it say to do it, OFC is outdated and not supported by current version xEdit, why is this still a sticky when with all things considered, it is 100% outdated.


All it does is confuse newbies, and individual the need a a guide like this to be up to date...


Ignored this used Xedit and follow the instructions... it will give you, cleaning from top to bottom, one at time And I mean follow the instruction, cleaning is automated these days, it is one click job per plugin


  • xEdit clean this, waiting.... waiting.. Oh it done to easy. All I did was load it... correctly


Edit: even the OP say it is outdated, while not updating it, it since this cut and paste of the original on LE, which they did not created, so they do not have skill to updated it, nexus moderators what are you doing? Is there no mechanism to unstick it? How do I know it is Cut & Paste, cos I chatted with Original Author, when this was originally made in LE, years ago, so I am very aware of it history




For Current how to clean plugins with xEdit refer to this link




that the Official site, so it gets updated in the future, that link will still be current, unless the webpage has a total revamp.. so it will still point you in the right direction


@ moderators if some idiot makes a new post using above text and images, do not be bigger idiot and pin it. All you need is the link. Unless your prepared to maintain it? Plus this post proves moderators are not inclined to maintain these Forums. BTW the original Author that OP plagiarised is still on the xEdit team

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