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In response to post #48727717. #48727802 is also a reply to the same post.

steelpanther24 wrote: It is a pity that perceptions of telework capabilities aren't to the point where you would be willing to employ on a world wide scale, especially working on a world wide website. As it stands, I still have 10 + years before retiring, putting me in a position to consider moving. Yes, I am one of "those Gen X OGs" (Original Gamers....not Original Gangstas).
Dark0ne wrote: We've been employing on a world wide scale for 6 years now with staff in 5 countries on 2 continents. Read the blog post linked at the top of this article for more information on that topic.

I sit here and shake my head READ About the Company it's goals it's past customs before you apply for any job. To be a great team member you have to fit into the ideal company environment and agree with that companies practices and goals. My expertise is in IT security and programming however , a Traumatic Brain Injury in 1999 leaves me with horrid dyslexia and well no spell check for code LOL You have a great basis here I love nexus mods that is why I am premium because I want to support your efforts. Most here don;t understand the level of work you need on a high traffic profile site. Glad I am not the one reading applications. Take care you geeks Fergthetestmonkey was here!
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