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Looking for custom player home recommendations for SSE


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So for my next few planeed Playthroughs I need a house, and defauilt ones dont hit it for me anymore, so I decided to search for a custom one. There are a few BUT's about it, hence why I'm interested in opinion of community who collectively tried more stuff than I can in following month.


So here is what im looking for mainly:

- A fairly big armory, mostly in terms of weapon racks/plaques and manequins, not nessesarily custom ones, default ones will fit. It's biggest reason why I never feel comfortable with any of the vanilla/dlc homes, I want to see all the stuff I found earned + have like Hold Guard armors on display, Vampire + Dawnguard etc.


- I want most of the stuff in one space, meaning not behind two hundred doors. Even if I love the house, but I need to open a basement door/hatch to access anything out of important stuff (smithing/enchanting/alchemy/armory stuff etc) or to just go between floors, then I am not interested. If its auxilary/additional space I can live without it.


- At the same time I dont need castles or just really oversized buildings, like Dragonborn Gallery, Lair of the Crimson Scar etc, and certainly no "house into building whole town around it". No need for elaborate exterior surroundings.


As a side note, preferably not in the immediate vicinity of Whiterun, though not critical by any means. Don't want custom NPC's inside too. And in general, I look more for "display" type storage rather than "realistic/cozy" type.


I have tried quite a few houses already and I am looking through more (like the Estates and Manors for every city by LD50365, Riverside Lodge, Your Home, etc) but naturally not all of them feel like what I want or even run well or even work at all with my other mods. My desires are unconventional after all.


So if you can name some mod houses that can fit my checklist (deviations are possible of course) from the top of your head, please do tell. Thank you for your time.

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Elianora has ported a few of her fantastic houses to SE. Her version of Breezehome may be just what you're looking for.


Be sure to sort her files using the "Skyrim Special Edition" selection to filter out the non-SE houses to save you time.


Also, you might want to repost this in the Skyrim Special Edition forum to get more attention and answers.

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