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Is there a ''ARCHIVE INVALIDATION'' button in Vortex?


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Vortex handles archive invalidation with an extension called "Gambryo Archive Invalidation," It's enabled when Vortex is installed, and it works automatically for certain Bethesda games. I know from personal experience that it works for Skyrim SE and Fallout 4. It's been reported elsewhere in this forum that it also works automatically for Skyrim. In earlier versions of Vortex, Fallout 3 did not have archive invalidation, but it now has a dedicated button on the Vortex dashboard. As for Oblivion and Fallout NV, I have no information.


You may want to search this forum using "archive invalidation." There are some other threads dealing with this issue.

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For the newer games, archive invalidation is relatively simple, you just have to change the date of the original bsas. Vortex will give you a notification when you have to do that and it may appear again if the game was updated or something else changed the date of the files again.


For the older games (prior to Skyrim) a BSA redirection plugin has to be installed. This can be done from settings->workarounds or from the dashboard (if you haven't removed the button already).

Please note that this will create a new mod called "Vortex Archive Invalidation". You can disable or remove that mod like any other but for invalidation to work you should keep it enabled on every profile.

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I have a newer computer so I am in the process of porting old modlists to vortex.

I am trying to get "FO3 Redesigned HD" aka "Project Beauty" to work properly but no matter what i do aside from lucas simms their are npcs that have white head and brown/black below the neck, so i am worried that any method of archive invalidation is not going to work with vortex.

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where is that AI button on the dashboard actually located? I've been trying to find it forever.


It located here. For me turning it on didnt worked and still have a problem with pink bodies on npc's. Im in the process of determining

whats causing this.

Also found this usefull https://wiki.nexusmods.com/index.php/FNV_General_Mod_Use_Advice#ArchiveInvalidation

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