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  1. My post was simply an informational response to @TennesseeTuxedo, who wrote the following: My post was intended neither as a comment on the central topic of this thread nor as a recommendation to abandon Vortex.
  2. @TennesseeTuxedo MO2 is available on GitHub. I downloaded it earlier today. You'll find MO2 here: https://github.com/ModOrganizer2/modorganizer/releases It's also available on Nexus Mods.
  3. @reoako2 Vortex does indeed work with Windows 11. I have three gaming computers (I collect them) running Windows 11 Pro 64-bit. Vortex is alive and well on all three. I know this information doesn't help you resolve any problem you may be having. If you could explain in more detail, then perhaps some knowledgeable person could be of assistance.
  4. @DarkVale1 is right. If you are going to use horses, then Convenient Horses is an absolute must. Once you have this mod and have selected your horse, you'll never want to walk again.
  5. Have you looked at Properties for "Vortex.exe" and its compatibility settings?
  6. Vortex dashboard -----> Settings -----> Mods
  7. In "Forums" click on your forum ID in the upper right hand corner, then select "Profile," and then click on "See my activity," which is on the right hand side just below the cover photo. In my case, this brings up 109 pages of content. However, a number of game specific posts are missing. The reason for that is probably because the content has not yet been migrated into the new Nexus Mods setup.
  8. Yes. Use any name you like. I always use the name that I've given to my player character.
  9. Well, I do that also. Is that caution or paranoia?
  10. To "future proof" your game saves, you may want to rename your "saves" directory every time you close your game for the day. I have done this for years in order to prevent Steam from meddling with my saves. So far it has worked.
  11. To avoid reordering, turn on plugin management, order your mods, and then turn off plugin management in the Vortex settings for Starfield. When next you load your game, the mods retain the preferred load order. You can verify that by clicking on "View Plugins File." The reordering issue is probably a bug, as showler notes in the following post. My solution is a workaround that I am using until the problem is properly rectified in Vortex.
  12. The two "Not Managed" plugins are part and parcel of the vanilla game that you downloaded. That is why they are not managed by Vortex and why they cannot be moved in the load order.
  13. There are no options applicable to my situation. Fatigued by Skyrim SE updates, I simply killed the Steam update process before the AE edition appeared. I am still playing I have downloaded and saved an enormous inventory of Skyrim SE mods from that era and so have not yet run out of interesting things to do. I wonder - how many Skyrim SE players are still using this version?
  14. Thank you for the updated extension. For me, it worked as advertised. I enabled plugin management, deployed, quickly sorted my mods, and then turned off plugin management, thereby retaining the load order that I had established.
  15. +1 I'm on my umpteenth playthrough. Because of all the wonderful new mods being created, every one of my playthroughs is different.
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