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Vortex for Linux!


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Dueling vortexes.

Hey guys, why isn't anyone figuring this out yet?

I just started working with steam proton and I already have multiple copies running and both run different profiles (for identification),
and have different collections installed at the same time using the same downloads folder and different staging folders with the same deployment game.

Because I am an unemployed genius. (the best kind of genius)

And you know it.

The pathways to vortex.exe in both of these two steam links ARE DIFFERENT.
I suppose I could have just faked their pathways with different numbers, but I am trying to emphasize that YOUR paths are going to be unique.



You can run as many copies of vortex as your system can crash.

Each can have their own installed mods (the way profiles was supposed to work)


You can run them at the same time, but beware, they will fight for deployment control and fight eachother if you deploy them both at the same time. (dont do that)
But sometimes vortex will deploy on its own when installing or installing a collection, good luck.
No idea what happens if both copies try to deploy at the same time.


After I created the steam link "VortexEnhanced" second copy of votex in steam and ran the installer to create the pfx folder,
exited all vortex copies, I just copied my default "Vortex" pfx folder and pasted overwriting all over my "VortexEnhanced" pfx folder.
I then changed the steam link path for VortexEnhanced from the installer.exe file to the new unique path for this second copy of vortex.exe. (dont mix them up now)
(its path is different than the first vortex.exe, that random number is now different)


I then ran VortexEnhanced and changed the staging folder, it moved my staging folder but its empty so what, my default "Vortex" copy still has the old location and will ask me to re-create the folder, and i will.
I copy my default vortex pfx to the new copy every time I create a new steam link for any new collection I want to try.


Like dude.

You can have a vortex copy for EVERY SINGLE MOD SETUP YOU WANT ALL AT THE SAME TIME READY TO GO, (each install will take up more hd space naturally)



I give you: enb, vortex, proton, and full functional separate instantaneous mod profiles.
You give me: ...

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https://eso-ui.com/skyrim-se-next-gen/ <--go here to get the eso-ui enb preset.


That'll do.

EXACTLY: Just what I wanted.

BEWARE: THIS IS A 1130 collection.

Guess what?  Now you can have 1130 and 640 installed in two separate folders and each steam link vortex copy can use separate ones, simply choose the correct skyrimse copy in vortex.

Each copy of vortex mainains its own save games and ini files also.

This is now the 4th collection I have in steam.

I am adding more faster than I figured out how to do this.

Hey,  my 'puter is smokin.

So you don't already have at least 4 copies of vortex in steam, each with their own collection, pointing to different versions skyrimse yet?   Hurry up man.



If this don't make you happy.

This will:

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Its all REAL.

ESO-UI comes through for the WIN, the first collection to run in proton for me, not crash, and run... and run...

And its HYPE is maxed out.

Time to boot up the intelEE cpu server with the 4090.

This  i7-6850K 4Ghz with gtx1080 just died.   15fps 100% gpu, 65% cpu.
(hey nvidia, when u gonna make my sli setup work again, and my 3d vision glasses,
you made me pay for them(promises made, not kept),
and then you killed them... BOTH, you sold me LEMONS)





How can I add more collections after seeing that?


Ok, time to help you all get that INTEL processor pushing hard. (sorry no idea about amd)




sudo cpupower frequency-info
sudo pstate-frequency -G

read -n 1 -p "Would you like:
 (A)uto?" ans;

case $ans in
        sudo sudo pstate-frequency -S -p powersave;;
        sudo pstate-frequency -S -p balanced;;        
        sudo pstate-frequency -S -p performance;;
        sudo pstate-frequency -S -p max;;        
        sudo pstate-frequency -S -p Auto;;  
sudo cpupower frequency-info
sudo pstate-frequency -G
read -p "Press [Enter] key to exit..."

Not bad for my first nexusmods contribution?

Who's got the gpu (nvidia) tweaking/overclocking code/tool?


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4090 gives about 2.5X performance of a gtx 1080.

40fps.   (i am using an extremely tweaked bethini)
32% gpu use (rtx4090) 2610Mhz
39% cpu use (i9-9980xe) 4000mhz (bios setting AVX/512 ratio 2 (4500Mhz), edge of thermal max, stable)(large heatsink fan)
90 gig of ram, with 100gig swap

(LINUX USERS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SET 50 gig swap, most distros only set a 2 gig swap!)
(debian gives you a 1 gig swap, lol)
I had tons of programs crash, ai renders, chat gpt , games. 
And it was all because my swap was 1 gig.

But the gameplay is 100% smooth, perhaps thats the limit of the engine.



40fps.   (i am using an extremely tweaked bethini)


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LOL - bethini makes all the difference in the world.

7fps.  Photogammetry



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Add a file in your games exe folder called steam_appid.txt and put the number for your game into it.
This lets steam see the game when played through vortex.

So for skyrimse, the number inside the txt file is: 489830


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