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Enderal: Two years later, new DLC, and more


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I played through Enderal twice, and I will happily play through it a third time when "Forgotten Stories" comes out. It is an amalgamation between my most favorite games ever (Dragon Age Origins and Skyrim).


What is particularly striking next to a fabulous and endearing story, is the soundtrack. Marvin if you read this; your music is wonderful, and I would love to hear it played by a real orchestra instead of a synthesizer (the dynamics are a bit off at times for string instruments). I am aware that this would be way to expensive so this is just wishful thinking from my side. :)

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In response to post #65047821. #65048711, #65049131, #65057191, #65058311 are all replies on the same post.

ff7legend wrote: If a Skyrim SE version is ever released, I may give it a try. My two biggest gripes with Enderal were the overwriting of Skyrim files & the severe limitations of a 32 bit engine. Now that Enderal will be in a separate directory, that solves one of my biggest gripes. Hopefully a Skyrim SE version will be made at some point. No more Oldrim & its beyond broken 32 bit engine/memory bottlenecks for me.
BigBizkit wrote: Enderal has never overwritten Skyrim per se. It created a backup of your entire mod installation / data folder and the launcher allowed you to switch between your Enderal and your Skyrim setup. Barring hard disk space concerns, or waiting times, you could switch back and forth quite easily.

I have done it in the past and my ~250 mod installation remained unscathed.
FakeXR wrote: I have had no problems with stability playing Enderal, and my rig is pretty shitty. Give it a try i would say
ff7legend wrote: @BigBizkit: Thanks for the clarification. I'll wait for a Skyrim SE version to be released. No more broken 32 bit engines for me. 64 bit is the future & Skyrim SE is the way forward.
MojoRising420 wrote: I agree, going from 32bit to 64bit, is like going from 30fps to 60.

Not denying 64 bit is the definite endgame, but a lot of "downsides" being mentioned are not. Just requires a little more proper setup for classic. And classic still has the capability of superior visuals
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Finally, and this goes hand in hand with the previous point, always maintain an atmosphere of creativity and excitement. These are the fuel of any modding project, and as soon as a team member feels like they can’t “realize their dreams” in your project, the chances are that he or she will drop out soon.


This is an important point, when creative and talented members are not respected in one's project and when they do not receive their deserved credit, they should leave quickly.


A team member working for free should never see an obligation to serve one's project, nor care if their absence brings it to shambles. Instead, the team member should only consider 3 factors:


1) Fun

2) Credit

3) Contribution to the gaming community, but not necessarily via the project Sometimes it's better to simply ditch a team project and serve the community by going solo.


Finally, a team member should always keep in mind that they retain the copyright of their contributed work, unless they've done something incredibly stupid as to sign a legal document waiving their rights for free.

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