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Project Spotlight: Fallout - The Frontier


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I'm thrilled you guys have gotten so far. I mean, holy crap! Good work. I hope fate allows me the opportunity to play it (though seriously, i'd probably play for an hour before starting to make a mod for it). Anyhoo, much love. Patience be with you all. Edited by templeofninpo
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In response to post #65625326. #65628591 is also a reply to the same post.

VirusZ wrote: Yep, its one of THOS modes, its never coming, well be waiting it like people wait for Skywind and Skyblivion.
This is depressing.
Somnium0 wrote: New California came out so why is this coming out an impossibility?

oh you know, he's one of those kids that doesn't understand that things take time to make, he expects this, a mod the size of a game being made on peoples free time (and when they feel like it at that), to be finished in the same time as a professional game made by a team of near slaves working 100 hour work weeks
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