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Towns and Cities - JK's Interview


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Darkend was unbelievable, had insane dark vibes all the way through. Beautifuly crafted environment, definatly had the correct vibe 100%.


If JK reads comments you gotta know that was a top teir piece, allongside the likes of VIGILANT. Got my little elf wearing the old-kings crown thingy to remind me of the experience. Insane how something so incredible is created my a small group of people, for free, and with their own time and resources, for a game from 2011... and it turned out so outstanding.


Still haven't found all the artifactls though xaxa. Brynjolf will find time before I find all the black pearls.

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Damn @jkrojmal your drawing skills is (where) pretty damn good, you should keep on drawing.

I'm a fellow comic book artist and every time I haven't drawn in a long while I start missing it big time and every time I I come back and made a random drawing I feel so happy.

I will most definitely test out the Darkend mod in my next play through.

Cheers beers to jkrojmal and the Nexus team!

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Thanks for the mention JK, good interview. it was a real pleasure working with you and Joseph Russell and I wish you guys the best in all your future mods! :)


In my experience working with him, JKrojmal is a very talented modder, and very easy to work with. His city overhaul mods add a significant improvement to Skyrim compared to the original game.. Definitely give his mods a try sometime you'll probably like them! And be sure to endorse his work if you like it and keep an eye out on future projects he uploads.






Andrew Pelz - Voice Actor

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Thank you for Darkend, I can not get enough of this mod as a fellow Dark Souls lover.

I will be watching you closely for you expansion of Darkend.

For someone who claims he does not really know what he is doing.. the mods come out pretty damn well.

Gives me a little hope of being able to make my own mods in the future.

Have fun man.

Edit: I really like you Witchblade drawing, makes me feel like drawing again, thanks for the inspiration.

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