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Post your best looking character!


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Hmm, this nostalgically reminds me of the old "post your oblivion characters" screenshot topics often found on the Bethsoft forums of old... so why not? :happy:

Sadly there'll be even less visitors/participants here on the forums than on the file sites, but thus is the nature of the game.


So since you asked, though I don't really have many different characters, basically always the same 2 just with different looks, but that's what shape shifters are known for, so... here's my loving couple, in one of their best appearances so far, although still highly WIP:



Most of their features are from as-of-yet still unreleasable resources, but I'm working on it. Their presets, however, aren't really much of interest. Can't compete with the humongous amounts of work others, or screen archers, put into their chars. :sweat:


There's not that much free time left anymore for continuing work on them, but I'm still, after 10+ years, occasionally stealing away some time to continue my work on them, what they are, what they can do, and their backstory. At one point in the distant future I also intend to release them as companions for you all, but fleshing this idea out sufficiently first requires me to get their race and features done. :ermm:

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Not fair Moksha, that's fallout 4. It was a little bit tougher back in Oblivion days.


Anyways, this feels very nostalgic, reliving my youth back in the old Pictures Of Oblivion Characters thread, or as we used to call it "POOC" on the old Beth forums.


I may as well go for it, I don't often get a chance to relive the past.



I always thought this girl had a nice face. She was my primary model for testing things I made near the end days.



and then there was this girl, Cassiopeia my main character for many years in Oblivion.



She was always kick ass to play



An expert with a Katana



And of course an Alchemist


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