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Help a modder locate his mod


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but on behalf of sunshinecorp, I'd like to ask if anyone has information or files of his mod for NWN 1 "Mages of the Toast".


Here's a copy of the request he made on GOG's forum:




Once upon a time, I wrote a Neverwinter Nights module.

I can't remember which nickname I was using back then, but it was probably either "Valor the Jester" or "Khalben Backstab", since both are personas I played in Ultima Online. I was playing a lot of UO back when I wrote the module, so it'd probably be under one of those names. EDIT: It was Valor the JeSteR.

The module itself was called "Mages of the Toast", a pun on... well... Wizards of the Coast. I had Part One of it published in the Neverwinter Vault but after a few updates and seeing that I didn't have time to write any more parts, I took it down. After that, I lost it in a HDD crash. I've been looking for a copy of my module for over ten years now.

The module was a high-level comedy and even though it was very short (about an hour to complete if you took the time to read stuff and solve puzzles, it was just one small area after all) it was very well received (scored 10/10 consistently).

This is a request to anyone, everyone that might have a copy of my module. Please, send me a PM, link here, anything.

RIxasha found an archive of the original page, but the link to the download is broken, still it's a lead:


Sawark @ the new Neverwinter Vault found an archive of version 2.0 of the module (3.0 was the last version I uploaded, so this was an older one) page, again with no downloadable module but this this with a working README.txt so if you're interested you can read it here:


It appears I later renamed the module to Chapter 0, while at version 2.0 it was still Chapter 1.

Also, I didn't even remember "VINJA-GEIGER" productions or why the heck I named my "studio" that. Cool. I'm getting so old. So old. :D

A link to the new Neverwinter Vault thread for the search of this module, thanks to Lilura of the RPG Codex:


And also the Bioware NWN subforum:



Any help or leads anyone can provide would be very helpful and thanks for taking the time to read it. :)

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The FULL name is "Mages of the Toast - Chapter 1, Through another Dimension "


If it's anything like Stefan Gagne's NWN mods, I'd love to play it, his were hilarious

My thanks for the interest and the correction. :)


Would you happen to have any information to help track down the mod or know someone who does?


The author's been trying to track down the mod for years with little sucess. :(

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Unfortunately No,

IF it would be anywhere, it would be the Neverwinter Vault, they have EVERYTHING, but if he pulled it, then...


That first link BTW, only leads to the NWN wiki, with no mention of Mages of the Toast.

Too bad :(, thanks anyway. :)


Well, he did say it's a broken link.

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