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Being redirected from nexusmods.com


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I cannot spend any time on nexusmods.com without being redirected.

URLs: https://adhappymday.pw/US2036/index-US.html?ip=




My antivirus pops up with malicious attack warnings a minimum of three times. I've gone over my system with antivirus (Norton 360) and malware cleaning software and it's come back clean. This started happening around 12:00pm PST. I am located in Oregon, U.S.A. I am unable to take screenshots as the redirection happens almost immediately. I am able to access the forum by using Google to search for it first. Attempted to do the same for specific mods but am redirected to 2nd URL at mod page. First URL is on nexusmods.com homepage only and says something about a prize. Second URL doesn't load at all, just more malicious attacks than the first.


Update @ 8:30 pm PST 10/24: Tried again and this time an intensive search found Kromtech lurking. Removed, but redirect persists.


Update @ 9:45am PST 10/25: There is more of a delay in the redirect. If I am quick enough, I can get to a download before it happens. I can confirm that downloading works and doesn't come with surprises. The redirect is approximately 10 seconds on my end.

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Same, clicked a link from google and after ads load, something pings me off automatically to another dozen webpages, my right-click on the back button shows the same until it's filled. My history tab says the name is Win Erx03. Chrome gives me a notice that the url is telling me my install of windows is broken and to let them install a program to fix it. yeah no.

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Same issue, same time, Seattle, WA. Loading chrome in sandbox doesn't change anything, disabling javascript solved the problem temporarily. Started as only a single mod page got about 10 seconds on the page before redirect to one of 3 malware/phishing sites, others were unaffected regardless of time spent on page. Further browsing has it showing up on every mod page. Comodo full scan and malwarebytes full scan show nothing. No issues before this evening at any time, no issues on any other websites. Confirmed to happen on https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/40706 and https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32363/? at minimum.

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Happening to me too - I was freaking out - checking my search engines and and apps trying to figure out what was up because it was doing it in Chrome, Edge AND Firefox so I thought - f*#@! I gotz a viruz :o


But then I loaded from my phone - and it kept redirecting


Tried two other computers - and it kept redirecting


And it's ONLY Nexus - so - I suspects, precious, that it's NOT on my end... ... ... hopefully :D

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