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Recycling workshop items mod anyone?


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I never made mods before, but I'd start, do you always find yourself low on elirium cores but with many other items that you do not use, perhaps add a workshop option to salvage unused items back for some alloys, elirium and the core!

There is one example called Elirium Grounds made by Janah, her mod allows upgrading EXO and SPIDER suit to WRAITH AND WAR SUIT!
Similiar ideas can be used to turn additional AMMO such as Tracer rounds back to Elirium cores! at the cost of research and supplies of course, Can be used to organise inventory much more and fix the depletion of elirium cores late game


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@dragon32 yeah, they could, but it required additional alien alloys and elirium which which is limited.
What i'm suggesting is instead recycle items that uses such as ammo's and grenades that uses Elirium cores to produce,
For example,
Researcing Recycle Tracer Ammo
reward Elirium Cores

Because the game does drop random loots and sometimes you find yourself attaining too many Tracer ammo and they become obsolete, this gives an option to refine and reorganise your inventory

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