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Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez now FREE on the Epic Games store


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HadToRegister wrote: Welcome to the internet, where people will complain, attack, and argue over a formerly $69.99 game (Now $39.99), being offered for FREE.

Ridiculousness like this make me look forward to the next K-T Boundary event.

elpuertorro wrote: Welcome to the Internet where people learned that NOTHING IS FREE and there is ALWAYS a catch. ;)

ps: If someone misses this or wants the game DRM free and cheaper (when not free) GOG has it on sale $14.99 of their $29.99 "DRM FREE as games should be" normal price.
LegendM2 wrote: really thought that was gonna be an assassins creed quote
HadToRegister wrote:
Welcome to the Internet where people learned that NOTHING IS FREE and there is ALWAYS a catch. ;)

And what, pray tell, is the "catch"?
Explain without donning a Foil Hat.
elpuertorro wrote: No need to explain, first line it's my opinion and like you... we all have one.
Second one it's well letting everyone know where they can get it with no DRM.
Keep throwing the fish line eventually someone will get the bait and keep you entertained. Enjoy your sunday ;)
HadToRegister wrote:
No need to explain

Ah, well, keep casting lines, maybe you'll get someone else to bite, but I'm done, as I'm not wasting my time with somebody who makes assertions without anything to back it up. Bye.
Redargetlam5 wrote: The catch is having to make an account with Epic Games Store, which has had many data leaks, and is run by a company with close ties to- via investment meaning they have little chance of complaining if push comes to shove- a large Chinese corporation, which all have huge influences from their dictatorial government. No tinfoil hat needed, simply a little bit of research.
TheBottomhoodofSteel wrote: Steam had a massive security bug that lived from 2008 to 2018...
Lerne wrote: Just an fyi, did a bit of research on Epic Games. There's been literally no good evidence supporting several claims people say about the service. I haven't had any issues and I've used them for at least a year now--do some more research instead of spilling non-sense. However, if any of these claims are true as you have said; please show some supporting evidence. Because I'm pretty sure everyone would want to avoid losing anything from a potential scam. But so far, there's nothing that has led me, or several others, to believe that it is what you claim it is.
Arthmoor wrote: Yep, I've seen no reliable evidence about any of these claims. Just angry reddit posts going on about why bother because Steam.
setdead wrote: When i see another copied from cheatsheet complain about EG and Tencent i realize that this person in net another idiot.
Tencent ALSO have some part of Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, Paradox Interactive, Mail.ru, Riot Games, Platinum Games and few others that work for PC/console platforms. I'm 10000000000% sure and can bet a life of myself that you and many others stupid people like you, whos complain about that, have played games from those companies and have an account in Battle.net and Uplay.

The truth is- EVERYONE collecting information about you in net, welcome to the 21st century. The Search engine that you use to serfing net is collecting data about you(Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc). a STEAM has always collect data, even your PC specs, since he became a multi-sale platform for other publishers. A Battle.net is owned by one of the most greed company of the gamedev- Activision, and trust me, they're collecting all info about everyone even beyond of their launcher. In fact, there exist a companies that offering a collecting data about specific groups of people, potential customers, they are collecting/buying/re-selling data about market and provides an analyzes of anything, providing a better information what to sell and how to sell it. Thats how WORKS MARKETING in 21st century.

And so what a problem? it's like, idk : "Oh NoOoOoOo a China collecting information about me, WhEn ThEy StArT WaR AnD InVaDe My CoUnTrY ThEy GoNnA kNow EvErYtHiNg AbOuT My GaMiNg InTeReStS and WheRe i'm LivInG and My CrEdIt CaRd, It'S goNnA bE lEaKeD"

Like Steam had no data leaks about personal info of users, he HAD, and not only login and passwords of users database, but also personal ifo aka credit cards.
Cyberpunk79 wrote: this comment was sponsored by: NordVPN
speedynl wrote: i don't know how long i have a epic account, must be pretty long, because i don't remember how long
i also never had any problem with epic, and the game is/was free so i don't see any problem
got the hd packs(free) installed mods(manual) tweaked the user file and i'm a happy player

you don't like epic fine, just don't cry about it, you like/dislike steam fine, you like/dislike gog fine to, i don't care, free is free no strings attached :P

How exactly does anyone mod a game from epicstore? Because I physically cannot find a way to install them...
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