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Redirection to scam site


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So, today I've been redirected to several scam sites on multiple occasions, which also made it impossible to go back (Really annoying when browsing). Trying to fill in the catalog from the FAQ:


  • I'm using Windows Defender and my system seems clean. (Also this only happened on nexus, so I don't have reason to assume that's the problem)
  • Ads like this have been a problem since roughly 8.00am (CET/GMT+2) today (30.5.2020), but the specific example here happened around 3pm.
  • URL where I started from: here
  • I live in Germany, Saxony, Leipzig
  • I was browsing Fallout 4 mods and got redirected, both almost immediately and after a while having the tab in the background. The target site is clearly a (bad) scam site. ("You're the 5th billion google search." What is this? 1999?)
  • Target URL: here (just censored my IP)
  • Screenshot attached. (The confetti is quite violently animated.)
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Same problem for me - trying to load Skyrim mod sites and being redirected to spam sites (see original post). Happens only on Nexus so the problem seems to be at that end. From reading old forum posts this isn´t the first time this happens. Hope you find a solution soon.

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Same here. My Avast blocks it, but I get send to one scam site and you dont need to click the ad or something you get redected.

Dont know what ad do it.


Uses Avast Premium.

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Ok. I was at SkyrimSe and the mod Song Of green.


The only different for me then OP is that I was rederected to one site there I could get one Iphone side.


One more note, during editing this post did I have the abowe nexus page for Song of Green in one other tab and img 2 did happen.


I have the full links to where I was rederected if you want them.




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