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Ads playing with sound automatically

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This was a problem a long while ago, but now it seems like it's happening again. The problem occurs when you open a new page on the site, and an ad plays that may not even be on your screen with sound turned on by default, often at maximum volume.


I can't point out the exact ads, but I have so far seen it happen today with an one advertisement for almond milk or something, and another advertisement for something Final Fantasy related. There are likely more ads than those on the site that are doing this, but I haven't seen any yet myself. I experienced it twice and just muted the site altogether to protect my years.


This is problematic since you spend a lot of time going from page to page on this site, thus loading a new advertisement with the potential to automatically play sound on a regular basis. I don't know why the ads are even allowed to play sound to begin with, although I suppose that probably requires a greater understanding of the site's code and the ad services used.


The only way for someone not in charge of the site's code to efficiently deal with this is to mute the entire site altogether. It's the nuclear solution, but unfortunately it's the only solution.

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In the past few days I have seen one 'noisy' ad at least a half dozen times.


The video controls are always disabled and the only way to quiet it is to mute the tab.


Here is the video URL:








Anti-virus: Avast Free

Last seen:

Date & time: July 15 around 0100 EDT

URL: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50595?tab=files

Location: Yorktown, VA, USA


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Sorry to hear about that.


In order to report bad ads, please see this help article: https://help.nexusmods.com/article/100-how-to-report-bad-or-inappropriate-ads


Videos playing with sound can actually be your choice of browser addons and privacy settings rather than a problem with the ads themselves.

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Every so often a video ad will pop up and before it mutes there is a burst of loud audio. Happened with many different ads.


Also since earlier this year, ads are popping up with huge side banners causing my browser (Chrome, updated) to resize. Some ads that do this, ex. McDonalds, are all one color and is bright.

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