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Wilderness Survivalist Mod


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I think a great idea for a mod is one that makes it more fun to just roam around, hunting animals and exploring locations (preferably while in survival mode) and ignoring the main questline completely. Maybe the ability to fish, or a more complex hunting system.

If I were to do such a playthrough, I would also generally avoid civilization and urban areas. I realize I can already do this, but I'd like there to be a mod that adds things to make it more worthwhile to do so. I mainly picture myself wandering around, picking wild harvestables, hunting wildlife, and at night, setting up camp.

I'd likely be using TU3SD4Y'S Fallout 76 Survival Tent, in combination with Campsite - Simple Wasteland Camping, for the fire/cooking station.

Please feel free to share any ideas regarding what could be added to the game to make such a playstyle more interesting. Perhaps new locations with interesting stories to be investigated. Anyway, thanks for looking, any (not intentionally rude) feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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There was a mod for Skyrim that made it possible to craft equipment from bones and hides and other harvested parts form animals.

Something like that but for Fallout 4, right?


Here is a link to the Skyrim mod.


Pretty sure that something like that could be implemented into Fallout 4.

I might consider putting it on my "list of things to do at some point" ...

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