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New simple Basic needs mod


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We need a new basic needs mod!

I love to add immersion to the game and the basic needs is, according to me, an important part of that.

TR - Basic needs is fantastic, but (correct me if i'm wrong) is kind of abandonned and Imp's More Complex Needs is (at least for me) too complex.

We could really use a new mod like this, and would cover the most basic human needs:

Hunger - Meals of different sizes fill you up different amounts and i you care not to eat, damage to health regen.

Thirst - There's a lot of alcohol in Skyrim, but also a lot of berries and fruit and domesticated animals. Quench your thirst with various spirits, different juices or milk. Skip that apple juice in the morning and suffer penalty to magicka regen.

Sleep - A normal person should sleep at night and roam the land at day. Stay up for too long and your stamina regen will slow down greatly.

(Bladder controll?) - Just for fun, reglated by how much you eat and drink. If you hold it in for too long, eventually you'd soil your self and have serious chances to contract diseases untill you wash your self in nearest lake/river.


If you know another mod that add human needs to Skyrim, would you link that in the comments, or tell me your opinion to this request.


- The ArgonianBuccaneer



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You can customize More Complex Needs any ways you want it.

You can turn off entire sections, tell the game how soon you'll become thirsty, hungry or tired.

Don't want to get desieses from stale/raw food ? Turn that off too.

And many more.

You do have MCM menu, right ? That is kind of needed if you want to costumize it.

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