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Critter script bugfix


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I'm developing critter script bugfixes that will not spam the Papyrus logs as much as the vanilla ones. The v2.5 scripts are pretty close to "final" now, and I'm very happy with their performance.

These new scripts should preferentially be used with a new game. If you use them with an existing save you might still get log spam from any critters that are stuck in infinite loops. The vanilla scripts can cause infinite loops when things go wrong. I've completely removed these nasty loops in the new scripts. However, it will not apply retroactively to broken critters. If you use the new scripts with a savegame that is already spamming the logs badly they will not do any harm and will help reduce a lot of errors, but they won't stop all of the critter spam because the critters stuck in infinite loops cannot be fixed after they have broken.

Installation: copy the scripts in the attached archive to your data folder. If you install or re-install the CK, you will need to re-apply this fix as the CK will overwrite my script. If there are any problems, delete "CritterSpawn.pex", "Critter.pex", "critterDragonFly.pex", critterMoth.pex, "critterFish.pex" and "firefly.pex" from your "DATA\SCRIPTS" folder and "CritterSpawn.psc", "Critter.psc", "critterMoth.psc", "critterDragonFly.psc", "critterFish.psc" and "firefly.psc" from your "DATA\SCRIPTS\SOURCE" folder, then use the backup savegame that you made before you tried these new scripts.

The new scripts cannot get stuck in infinite loops like the vanilla scripts. I've tested these scripts over 15 hours of gameplay (including "101 Bugs") without a single critter error in the logs.

Addendum: please not that it is very important that you never ever run "Skyrim Save Cleaner" on your savegames. Objects such as critters place hidden markers in the game to calculate the coordinates required for landing on plants and stuff. Mods like "Skyrim Save Cleaner" can unintentionally delete these hidden markers causing the critter scripts to break. While you might think that you are "cleaning up" broken scripts from your save game, you are in fact making the problem worse!

30 June 2013 (morning): 2.0 hours of gameplay, log = 55 kb (zero critter errors)
30 June 2013 (evening): 3.5 hours of gameplay, log = 106 kb (zero critter errors)
10 July 2013 (evening): 1.5 hours of gameplay, log = 121 kb (zero critter errors)
11 July 2013 (evening): 2.5 hours of gameplay, log = 112 kb (found a buggy critter spawner in Lakeview Manor - not a script bug but a bug in the Hearthfire DLC itself)


v2.6 - (2 Aug 2013) added some critter.psc modifications from USKP to maintain compatibility with mods such as Harvest Overhaul. Salmon will now harvest correctly if using HO mod.

v2.5 - (12 July 2013) added more sanity checks. Added protection against situations where Bethesda forgot to set the GameHour property on some critter spawners.
v2.0 - (30 June 2013) made critters and landing markers spawn as persistent objects. This should greatly reduce the "none object" problems when cells unload.
v1.0 - removed all the nasty While loops that could get stuck as infinite loops.
v0.5 - fixed a few bugs (same as USKP) and added various safety checks.

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Yes, it tries to stop the invalid registrations from happening to begin with. It probably won't catch all of them yet (it's a WIP), so you can still use SKSE if necessary.

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh man, anything that cleans up those unnecessary/dead/orphaned/leftover scripts is always a bonus! :biggrin:


Grabbing the file now. Thank you for posting....will you keep it updated here, or will you put it on Nexus for future tracking?

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I'm not certain if this is related to your script or not, but I thought I would just make you aware of it since this script has been the last thing I have added to my Skyrim Data folder.....but now whenever I try to sleep, I am getting a CTD after a few moments. So I might get a few seconds, which equals 2-3 hrs of the black screen (player sleeping), but then I just ultimately CTD.

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OK...no worries. I wasn't certain if it was related or not. My Skyrim was acting all goofy last night & since the recent Steam update, for some strange reason. I'm reverting back to Vanilla and installing my mods again.

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