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What is your fav. game character


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SHODAN, from the System Shock series...



...and Kefka, from FF6. First evil laugh ever featured in a video game.


Both are villains with massive egos and equally large inferiority complexes, but each is capable of subtle manipulation as well as overt action. You almost have to feel bad about defeating them in the end because they make such awesome adversaries.

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well me being a real heavy duty gamer I couldnt really say I have a favorite...okay fine its Wario


I liked wario because hes over looked waaaaaay too much. everyones all about "ooooh mario!" "look at mario" "OMG Mario!!!"


Mario doesent do anything! a five year old could figure out his character! "hes a strange italian man who jumps and saves a princess from an evil turtle monster thing (or like in japanese mythology Kappas)" He's just so...the same. its almost the same thing with link from zelda but he does spend his time doing other things. now other people would be like oh well "wario just wants money". okay thats a goal. but wario also has a personality. which is something I think mario lacks. to me he just seems like hes happy all the time. now not haveing any personality isnt that bad...i mean its better than sonics current personality...which is...really...really really really annoying.


Wario in my oppinion at least has a personality of some sort. hes very reckless in a funny sort of way hes greedy hungry (if these games were rated M he'd probably be horny all the time too) and hes also very brutal he has a certain way he fights hi enemies. I rememebr playing all the wario games and he always likes to SLAM them. what does mario do? he jumps on them...its not like no one else can jump on a turtle...*sarcasm*


So I see more of a character in Wario than I do Mario. now thats not to say that I think Wario would make a better Nintendo Mascot than mario I mean...Wario's too gross to be the mascot XD. not to mention his games have always made me laugh in someway. So I happen to really like Wario. I even main Wario in brawl and I actually do very well. If you guys really want to know how well ill just put it like this. I had no trouble takeing out 2 very good players who have mained Captain Falcon since melee and Im able to take out an Ike main easily on a good day. so for those who have super smashbros brawl you know this is pretty big deal. but enough of the bragging im getting off topic...


so I would have to say my favorite from Nintendo is Wario


Konami would be Big Boss or Naked Snake.


Capcom Megaman! NAH!!! just kidding =P. Albert Wesker Resident Evil


Rock Star: Tommy Vercetti Grand theft Auto Vice City


Bethesda: Faelin the druggy from Oblivion / James Fallout 3


Sqaure Enix: Final Fantasy 1's Black Mage


Midway Games: Shao Kahn Mortal Kombat


and thats about it but my all time favorite would be Wario just simply because I love his games.

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