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Less loot!


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It's quite incredible how much 'stuff' is available in post-apocalyptic America! By the time I've first spoken to Ghost I'm already a pretty wealthy lad. It's commendable how many wastelanders out there are kicking the habit of smoking by throwing their cigarette packs/cartons in the trash (along with their caps & chems too, for some reason?). Quit simply I'm looking for a mod that substantially reduces the amount of loot (specifically cigarettes, caps & chems) available from trash cans, mail boxes, wardrobes, desks, blue post boxes etc. It's hard to truly immerse yourself in this wonderful game as a scavenger when everything is in abundance? Its as if I'm the first person to go rummaging through the Mojave? I've discovered several mods that raise the amount of loot available but not one that actually reduces the amount to a more realistic level and I'm not sure why?


What I would propose is that one might discover the occasional cap or two in the trash, as if to suggest someone might have accidently discarded them along with the empty potato chips packet in their back pocket. Perhaps (but very rarely) a pack of cigarettes, but surely not a whole carton? And maybe the occasional chem (not so much stimpacks though given there overall usefulness to, well, everyone!). I'd like to think that the primary source of items with value would most commonly be discovered on the bodies of the folks you kill or in locked containers or places off the beaten path..


I posed this idea to the internet recently and was greeted with responses along the lines of "have you tried not picking things up?" but looting is an important aspect of many RPG's, I shouldn't deprive myself of this just because I can all too frequently (and frankly, unrealistically), find 10+ caps worth of loot in the places I search.

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I know how you feel.


On the one hand picking up EVERYTHING is our play style. Who would refuse picking up a cigarette?


On the other hand, that make economy in FNV is a bit of a mess. And we can not player.modav barter -50 because there's a few barter checks we dont wish to fail.


So I suggest a compromise: check this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42234?tab=posts

or that mod https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/37174?tab=description


What they did is to make selling harder~

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I never really found it much of an issue since there are plenty of expensive things to buy. GRA weapons, Weapon Mods, Special Ammo, Repairs, etc. I find that people who have "too much money" are typically not spending it on anything to begin with.


This iteration of the engine doesn't have leveled placables like Fallout 4 and Skyrim has, so all loose items are deliberately placed and have to be as deliberately removed. So while you can edit leveled lists for containers, that's really only half the battle.


The Barter formula overhauls like Laclongquan posted are the best option. You might also try a mod or general balance overhaul that reduces carry weight.

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My conclusion come from testing Harder Barter?


Economy is too cheap selling and expensive buying. Once you push this, you find that your cash gathering is much hampered, and you spend like a drunken rich.


Rich Loot doesnt matter because you can only sell to two or three traders with big discount like Trudy and Nash (with Meyes) but you buy expensive goods from elsewhere: chems, HP/AP ammo, etc... If you choose to trade your loot for their items, you are gouged coming and going, thus indirectly drive item price higher.


My rich loot come mostly from leveled list actually. Static placed loots are limit and can be gathered completely and make use of it. So I know where this goes: if you change level list you can affect loot economy.


Problem is: too poor picking make player uninterested. What's the problem with radscorpion, rats, and ghouls? They mostly have only one type of items on their body, which make for boring loot picking.

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