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To the users of my mods

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An alternative to the Bethesda Forums (or even this site for that matter) would be to maybe start your own Discord server. Quite a few mod authors have been migrating to that platform to share progress on their mods, and to have links available so people can get to their mods new locations.




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JRICH604 and all authors with similar views on this issue: You have my support. 

It has now become obvious that the result of Nexus' action is the opposite of what they intended, or at least have stated.  Not yet rolled-out, Collections is already reducing choice for everyone, including their target gamers. That's a dead end.


Its obvious to me that any "collection" will quickly become outdated/obsolete.  Its a big hit now, as The Nexus recognizes their standing agreement with mod authors, and sees authors leave. Mod authors may also simply abandon future updates, as many have done in the past.

For example, my new ground-up build was to include about 120 mods.  This was a stable "collection" of mods assembled across several years of evolving game and mod versions.  As usual, I expected to have to update many of the mods.  Two mods were abandened by their author, and more than ten were no longer available. As this number has grown past 10% of my list, I can say that my old "collection" is obsolete.  My updated/new collection, although stable, will not create the game I was hoping for.  The two abandoned mods were not the issue.  Thanks Nexus.


I could not lock down my set of mods in a "collection" without also locking down updates for much of the entire set.  I'm not an expert.  But, I could provide knowledge, insight and instructions on how to add, update or replace mods on my list.  Feed that into AI software and turn constraints into options for gamers.  Please rethink your approach, Nexus.



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even if the overall situation has not changed i want to say that the nexusmods staff is supporting mod authors having trouble with their uploads and archived files. i got quick help from staff a few days ago to get rid of an accidentally uploaded already archived file pack. it would be nicer to be able to handle this by myself as i did until july 2021 but at least you can count on staff helping you.

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