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Patreon page for our Donation Points system

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As someone already mentioned, that support authors really did not convey to me what is going on and only reason I clicked on it was because paypal decided to continuously throw 10 errors in row when I was trying to send donation. Without that I would probably ignore it not even realizing what is going on.

I have no idea what better term then "Support Authors" to use. Things like "Community Support" or similiar are just as lacking.

What would have grabed my attention though would be if for lets say first six months of that patreon you had "New" text in front of that pateron sign. Possibly flashing in some non-distractive colours (something like dark yellow to dark blue and back) to increase chance that visitors of this site will notice that something changed recently.




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In response to post #61030257. #61031042 is also a reply to the same post.


We appreciate your financial support. You are amazing!

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