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Vortex - Something I'm Extremely Irritated About.

nexus mod manager vortex

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I've been speaking to the guys from New California, and their reason to endorse Vortex was that it was actually capable of handling their ~7gb mod installation, whereas NMM is infamous for having trouble with large files.


We have stopped supporting NMM quite a while ago, not just since the Vortex beta was released. NMM is still available, you can still use it, and there is a community supported version on GitHub. We are not hiding that fact, and we are not forcing anyone to switch over. The link to our last NMM version as well as the GitHub build is on the Vortex beta page itself.


That being said, we are certainly not pushing mod authors to stop supporting NMM either.


Lastly, calling Vortex trash might help to vent your frustration, but it is not particularly helpful when it comes to us trying to improve Vortex going forward based on user feedback.



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That's also the thing I wonder about, why do you think that Vortex is garbage?

I'd wager a hefty sum that your judgement is just based on a misundertanding of how Vortex works.

One thing is clear, though: a migration of a working complex mod installation from any mod manager to another is very problematic. Especially since you just cannot replicate what NMM did in the first place - as it was just never properly logged by NMM.

So it's always a good idea to start from scratch. But in your case, with FNV:NC this seemed to be the case, So what's your problem really?



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if you have been modding for years, how can you be THAT ignorant? Honest question, because truly, that load of nonsense you posted has baffled me.


Explain what exactly what you find 'nonsense' about my post. It seems that you are completely obsessed with jumping into anything that anyone posts that is slightly bad about this abomination called Vortex and 'defending' it.



Personally, the part I find conflicting is where Vortex is straight trash but NMM isn't, yet you say you have modded for several years, which would make me think you understand how bad NMM was and how superior a hardlink deployment/virtualization install is. And I say this as someone who used NMM for several years. Vortex was pretty easy to learn for me, as well as easier to troubleshoot mod conflicts. NMM doesn't even know how to properly uninstall mods because it's logs are broken, causing it to leave remnants of mods in the data folder.

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I've been modding Skyrim and various Bethesda games for years now, although not on this account. I've never felt real pressure to switch to Mod Organizer (MO) and abandon Nexus Mod Manager (NMM).

NMM has pretty much been amazing. It did have a few issues with installing and uninstalling mods, taking a longer time than preferred, but overall it was simple and easy to use for new comers.


I completely invite new mod managers to the modding scene but this is NOT the way. Vortex has caused various mods to drop support for NMM and has been extremely irritating. One of the mods that was VERY important to me to be able to play was Fallout: New California for Fallout: New Vegas. Although this may not be an issue for most, I had a very tough time installing it with NMM ending in failure.

I went onto the Fallout: New California mod page for clarification and it said:


"Use Vortex or MO2 to install (NOT NMM or FOMM!)"



Apparently this was due to NMM or Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) not being about to handle larger files which was the reason for the Vortex creation in the first place (paraphrasing), which is totally understandable.

I understand the creation of Vortex (and any other alike mod managers), but I really just want the simple and easy to use NMM to be supported. I know that I will never be heard but this seems like the place to speak up..

Yo, can we get a NMM 2.0 or something? To be blunt, Vortex is straight trash. A heap of garbage. It's extremely hard to use and doesn't carry over previous mods installed via NMM in my experience.


I've personally decided just not to install mods that don't support NMM from now on. I've uninstalled Vortex and reinstalled NMM. 

If you'd like to reinstall NMM if you've uninstalled it I will provide a link: https://www.nexusmod...ds/4/?tab=files


So if you've been using NMM and Modding for years, then you know that New California doesn't support NMM, because, NMM doesn't support IT.
NMM has an infamous problem of choking on very large mods.
People who have modded for years and used NMM know that.

Long time NMM users should also remember the great "Major Revision Number Update" disaster of NMM where everybody's load order and mods got completely wiped

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