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Has anyone tested the new Trainer?

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No comments tab, no bug reports tab, no discussions tab, and the account was created today. It's pretty suspicious with all these red flags. Having a way to add attribute points to test builds would be handy, but It's certainly not worth the risks with the way things look.



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It's from a member who was banned for uploading malicious files on to the Nexus. https://forums.nexus...splitus-banned/



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Do not download any mods containing .exe's from newly created accounts, especially with comments turned off. There is a malicious user who is adding files that circumvent anti-virus programs that install keyloggers and crypto miners.


We are aware of it and we are getting quicker at spotting and removing them until we can code a solution to mitigate the issue without affecting our ability to allow uploads without manual inspection of all files, which would not be feasible.


Be smart, avoid downloading executables unless absolutely sure they are safe, and ensure you are always running AV software and a firewall. Never, ever, allow something that has no reason to use the internet to get through your firewall, like a trainer.

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